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Wednesday, July 26, 2006
James C. Richmond, Poet



Poetic Expressions



Poet James C. Richmond in collaboration with JRG Fashion Café, the only restaurant located in the heart of downtown Brooklyn boasting a roof deck patio, presents the launching of his book, ˜On the Window of My Skin” poetic expressions on Thursday, August 3, 2006 at 6pm.

˜On the Window of My Skin” is a stimulating work written by the renowned poet in his inimitable style and clearly demonstrates his ability to fuse western and traditional cultures while fostering greater thematic understanding.

This book certainly hits the mark with both insightful and impassioned offerings and the publication is already being hailed as a winning page-turner. New York’s Caribbean Impact newspaper certainly gives it a thumbs-up, with its comment - ˜Masterful. Richmond displays a deep understanding of poetry that gnaws at the reader, leaving an electrifying tingle. The poet writes with vivid detail and awesome power. He is a literary Powerhouse...”

The launching of the book, ˜On the Window of My Skin” by James C. Richmond on August 3 at JRG will be preceded by a cocktail reception.

You are cordially invited.

JRG Fashion Café
177 Flatbush Avenue
Brooklyn NY, 11217
(718) 399-7079

Dear Editor,

The recent events at the Albion Community Centre Ground which saw the AFC's information booth dismantled while the Government Information Agency (GINA) was allowed to not only remain, but allegedly distribute political material in the form of PPP pamphlets indicate two significant details.

First, that the government has not abandoned its use of infantile tactics when it comes to taking on political opponents and secondly, that the government appears to be worried about the “new boys on the block” so much so it seems that they have now elevated their game plan from petty name calling and mud slinging to something far more disconcerting, specifically, preventing freedom of speech.

It is clearly wrong for any government to exert such influence and control over its citizens so as to limit or in this particular instance, block any dissenting view.

We live in an age of democracy where all people, regardless of whatever categories are used to distinguish them, must be allowed to voice their concerns even if they are explicitly contrary to the government in power.

To deny any individual or group this right within a democratic society is a serious violation of one of the most basic and fundamental rights of humanity.

Combine these events with the callous remarks of Minister Shadick and what we have here is a government that has no interest in listening to anyone unless it is to those who share the same sensibility.

What we can infer from their most recent actions and statements is that this government does not represent Guyanese people, but is truly a self-serving entity whose only real interest is in maintaining its firm grasp on the heart of our beloved country, seemingly ready to crush the very life from out of our country.

Clearly, this is a government that believes that it is entitled to perform such outrageous acts because it holds the seat of power yet we say that such arrogance and acts of intolerance are completely unacceptable.

It is evident that all Guyanese must now look in the mirror and realise that they deserve better than to be led by a dictatorial regime that cares more about self-preservation than it does for the average citizen in Guyana who must struggle each day just to survive the abhorrent living conditions throughout the country.

We at the Mittelholzer Foundation ( say to the government and to Minister Shadick that their code of conduct is completely unacceptable and disgraceful, and this must be kept in mind by all voters on election day.

We say to the voters that now is the time to take back your country and to vote according to the real issues that matter such as crime, poverty and the oppressive conditions you are forced to live under while those in political office pay little or no attention as they seek only to preserve the status quo.

The Mittelholzer Foundation http://www

(Kaieteur News)
Friday, July 21, 2006
In keeping with the electoral spirit in Guyana we have decided to announce our very own "Mittelholzer Campaign" which we encourage all members and non-members to help us out with. Our campaign is a membership drive with the main objective reaching the number of 500 registered members (membership is free and only takes a few minutes !!) by Friday, September 1, 2006. While I know that is going to be a difficult task, I have complete confidence that we will reach our goal provided we all work together to spread the word about our site as much as possible. We are capable of so much as individuals that there is no doubt in my mind that as a group, we can reach out to people and attain our target of 500 registered members in no time so I urge all of you who are members and non-members to do what you can to help us reach our goal... We have so much potential and can accomplish so much that it is now the time for us to take action by bringing as many people together as possible...We call on all of you to help us as we cannot do this alone so please, do all that you can for this most worthwhile cause...

The Mittelholzer Foundation

Thursday, July 13, 2006
A very special thank you to Mr. James Richmond (a member of this forum) who helped us to contact Mr. Jagan via email and to Mr. Moran and Mr. Jagan for his courtesy in taking the time and effort to address our questions in an open and straightforward manner.

For the answers please visit:
Tuesday, July 11, 2006

If anyone is interested in gaining invaluable experience as a writer then we would like to offer them a unique opportunity through our forum to publish a column. You are free to write about anything you wish and there is no deadline or timetable to submit your articles. We have invited several local and international newspapers to visit our site so this may be a chance for aspiring writers/reporters to showcase their creative talents and skills.

If you or anyone you know are interested in this exciting opportunity then please let us know at
Monday, July 03, 2006
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