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Monday, June 05, 2006

Young man appeals for assistance
to remove cyst in lungs

A 22-year-old aspiring Computer Scientist is seeking assistance for surgery in Trinidad to remove a life threatening moss-like cyst that is growing in his lungs.

Roydon Stephens of Nabaclis was diagnosed with the condition after years of receiving treatment for Sickle Cell Anaemia.

Local doctors have advised that his condition can be treated in Trinidad after efforts here failed.

The cost of the surgery is a whopping $4.2M.

Already the government through the Ministry of Health has pledged $1M while the National Insurance Scheme has pledged $800,000.

Although some of his relatives have chipped in with small amounts, the cost is still out of the reach of the young man's family.

Roydon, who attended President's College, is currently employed at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

According to his mother Marva Stephens, Roydon was forced to give up studies at the Critchlow Labour College because of his condition.

She told Kaieteur News that the last of her three children first began experiencing health problems when he was four-years old.

“He had high fever, shortness of breath, loss of blood count and was always feeling weak.”

Ms Stevens said that at first doctors diagnosed that he had the dreaded blood disorder, Sickle Cell Anaemia.

As he grew older, unlike his peers, he could not participate in many outdoor activities and was not leading a normal life.

The condition began to get worse and his family explored every possible avenue to find a remedy.

It was not until after they visited the Davis Memorial Hospital that it was discovered that he had something growing in his lungs which caused excessive fluids to gather there.

Roydon's family began contemplating how they will raise the money for such an expensive life saving surgery.

They approached several persons including the government and have begun a process of acquiring funds for the surgery which will enable Roydon to live a normal, productive life.

An account with the number 164325-3 has been opened at the National Bank of Industry and Commerce Limited, soon to be Republic Bank Guyana Limited, to facilitate persons who wish to contribute to cover the cost of Roydon's surgery.

The family is also asking that anyone who wants to assist contact telephone numbers 229-2258, 641-7163 or 645-2109.

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