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Burlington, Vermont - June 19, 2006

One of Vermont's most-wanted federal fugitives has been arrested as an alleged drug kingpin in South America.

In 1993, Shaheed "Roger" Khan was 22 when he was charged with dealing guns and drugs while a student at Norwich University. He faced federal charges because he had two prior felony drug convictions in his home state of Maryland. He was released on pre-trial bail. But he fled to his birth country of Guyana in South America and became Vermont's most wanted federal fugitive.

Federal authorities say he became the kingpin of a lucrative ring smuggling guns and drugs in Guyana. Khan disappeared a month ago after he and eight others were arrested and released after they allegedly stole 33 AK-47 assault rifles from a police armory in Guyana. Khan remained missing until late last week, when he and four ex-police officers from Guyana were arrested in neighboring Surinam, allegedly in possession of 200 lbs. of cocaine.

U.S. authorities say they had known for some time that Khan was in Guyana, but he was not arrested and returned because Guyana does not honor U.S. extradition requests. It's unclear what will happen now that he has been arrested in Surinam.

Brian Joyce - Channel 3 News