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Monday, June 05, 2006

Following is the transcript of the telephone conversations purportedly between Commissioner of Police, Winston Felix, and other persons.

A tape was recently released in which Felix reportedly planned to plant drugs on a traveller.

The person on the tape, who is allegedly Felix, is represented by Voice A in this transcript.

Telephone rings


VOICE A : Hi, Mike

VOICE B : Yes, chief.

VOICE A: Good. I deh lil better now.

VOICE B: Ok, sir, I get somebody on the line; leh me just put that person off.

VOICE A: Good well, when you done, call me.

VOICE B: Oh, no, no, just hold one sec, please…click…you there, sir?

VOICE A: Mmmm.

VOICE B: Now, the name of this woman is Joycelyn Hinds.

VOICE A: She's any family to da boy?

VOICE B: No, no, no relative.


VOICE B: She should be between 40-45. She gave two addresses – 72 Prince William Street and 80 Graham's Street. About a week now she removed or she lock up the address. Well, the one she was frequenting was the one at 72 Princess Street . Ahm, remember he say he put his boys to check out and thing.

Voice A: Mmmm

Voice B: The report he got back is that the house lock up all week, she is not there. She got a new address. The cleaner, she got a new address. Ahm, she applied today for leave from Monday, suddenly, and asked the GS to approve it and so on. But the GS … because it was sudden. But we got this yesterday

That she got some man in the Bahamas and they plan to go down to Trinidad fuh Carnival. On Monday. Now that she applied for this leave we don't know if she is travelling tomorrow, if she is travelling Monday, ahm, Friday or anytime over the weekend.

VOICE A: Well, if she apply for leave from Monday, she might very well run tomorrow.

VOICE B: Yes, no, she might very well run tomorrow, indeed.


VOICE B: Right, so he called me down from Ogle and we sit down and discuss, and I say that I was trying to get on to de chief to discuss the same information to put something in place at the airport.

VOICE A: mmmm

VOICE B: He wants for her to, well the police to search her and even detain her from going


VOICE B: And we suspect that she may have with her a substantial amount of money. If that is the case, well then, we know exactly where it came from. But the story is this Secretary… never. She was told that this cleaner must not be in the office alone.


VOICE B: And she allowed that to happen.


VOICE B: It mean that we got the information that that happened and she is denying it. Again the boy, a lil boy told a story that he saw this woman alone in the office.

VOICE A: Who that is amm

VOICE B: The cleaner.

VOICE A: Which boy see she?

VOICE B: This Oma, Oma, Oma, driver, what he name? Omadeli or something.

VOICE A: Mmmm, oh, Hinds.

VOICE B: Yes, Hinds. He saw her there and he told that to the leader.

Yes. She never mentioned anything about this lady and anything about this lady, and how this lady….trusted her and so on. And she all right and whatever. Is the next girl, this other girl, … this Towana Green is the one who informed us that this lady going out on Friday. Apparently he didn't tell the secretary anything, and I suspect she might have told that to her mother after we grilled her yesterday, and de mother gave that information to the leader. So, I want to believe now that that thing might have been between the two of them, the two of them, that is the whole feeling.

Now, she called us today, this girl, ammm, “Mr Johnson, you all ain't find the person yet and so on, you all gon find the person soon.”

VOICE A: Who called you?

VOICE B: The Secretary. I gon call you back. When she called back she said she got information that Hinds, not the cleaner, the driver now that he changed three thousand dollars at Swiss House, not Tuesday gone, the Tuesday before.


VOICE B: Well, we were talking to him then, so but before then we put it to him that you know he pass through America Street…Cause we did some work. Dem boys say that he does pass through regularly.


VOICE B: And might have been dealing with dis man Farouk. So he say, no, he don't deal with Farouk, Farouk is anti-government, against the PNC and the people know he wouldn't go there.

He does go to Solomon, he does change at Solomon, he does change at Gobin, and got some one-eye boy somewhere on America Street he does change, so he say he don't change dem kind a …

VOICE A: Well, wheh he getting money from?

VOICE B: Well, he say sometimes the leader does gie he a lil twenty, and he gat relatives abroad who would send a lil sixty and so on. But talking to him, to he an all crying, and say he aint tek no money from the leader and dem kind a thing. I want to know why she called us to tell us that dis boy changed dis money. But we didnt get to find out from her her source of information.

VOICE A: I still want do something pon she husband to.

VOICE B: But she husband, chief, dis thing is between a little circle eh. Dis husband was seen by the same boy one day in a room where they got some stuff, some foodstuff and clothing and so on. She full up a bag and gave him, but they didn't expect him going back deh at the time when he went back deh. And Ahmm…He had dis big bag and whatever; he was seen in off… in Mr Cadbury … Lance office, making telephone call when everybody gone, so de boy does get he way upstairs deh. De boy does get he way upstairs deh.

Wha get me mad with this girl, we talking to this girl, this man called and then she say “the police deh gon want lock me up now” and with this big set of laughing going on on dis phone. You understand! I say is a joke, yu joking about this thing and so on, who called you just now. Is me husband. What did he say to you? Well, leh we see how far deh gon get with this thing. Deh want lock me up, leh we see how far deh gone get. She has every motive, you understand me?


VOICE B: The husband is married. His wife in the States, his mother is in the States.

VOICE A: Oh, so that is not she real husband.

VOICE B: No, he got a permanent visa.

VOICE A: The man gon use she, the man tek the money and goh long he way.

VOICE B: He got a permanent visa and he is going next month.

Now… his son, the little boy who has an impediment, is going with him. You understand me.


VOICE B: So they want money for that operation, ah ask - who is gonna pay fuh the medical expenses and so on. They said the grandmother for the little boy.

VOICE A: Tchhh…..

VOICE B: Then she say the grandmother. Then she gat an unfinished house in Sophia, she building six years now in Sophia. You see if we coulda search and do dis thing like normal policing …

VOICE A: Yea, yea, yea,

VOICE B: We coulda solve this thing ever since.

VOICE A: Mmmm.

VOICE B: When you tell this woman bout lock up she went crying and all this kind a thing. We know that she got the motive …and she and dis cleaner they are friends and she never reveal anything about the cleaner, is the next girl.

So, he is asking that we put something in place at the airport to search her, ahmm, even stop her so we can talk wid her. We haven't spoken to her yet.

VOICE A: (Cough) Mmm

VOICE B: They got a flight at... I was trying to find out in the meantime the schedule of BWEE. I understand they have a flight BWEE in the morning at five something, that goes to Barbados. Then another one leaving for Trinidad around eight-thirty, nine tomorrow and that might be the story for the rest of the week. So I think we should put with all due respect.

VOICE A: Nah, I going pon dah right away.

VOICE B: Well, we want to be up there. We want to be up there. She bought the ticket already, so they would have her on the manifest to show whether she is travelling tomorrow or Friday.


VOICE B: So I do not know if there is anyway you could get that information out from BWEE desk. I think this chap Stewart who used to be at traffic, his son is the manager at BWEE.


VOICE B: … so I don't know.

VOICE A: I gat to try and get he in the morning. I aint gat he number now.

VOICE B: In the morning.

VOICE A: But wha I gon do I gon call narcotics and put drugs pon she.

VOICE B: Yes, yes.

VOICE A: And leh deh search she, both she hand pieces and she, she, the other check-in pieces.

VOICE B: …. must get ah thing done...But the thing is we want to be up there in case she is caught with any substantial amount of money, we don't want anybody get into it, and she is taken other places, you understand me. So if we know her. If dah happen, well then, we gon get on to you, and you can give the instructions to be escorted by somebody in our company and we know wha we gon do after then.


VOICE B: Right and we don't mind if is two o'clock tomorrow morning, Friday morning, whatever.

VOICE A: Well, then you want know the time of the flight.

VOICE B: The time of the flight.

VOICE A: Al right. I gon do some wok on dah. I might get other sources that can wok on dat.

VOICE B: To know exactly what day she ….

VOICE A: Wha and wha flight going tomorrow.

VOICE B: Well, we know wha flight going tomorrow - this one about eight-thirty, nine.

VOICE A: Nah, I gon run through it quickly.

VOICE B: All right.

VOICE A: Ah gon call you back.

VOICE B: Okay then, chief. Thanks.


Second telephone conversation purportedly between Commissioner of Police (Voice A) and a female:

(Sound of telephone hanging up)


Telephone rings

VOICE A: Hello


VOICE A: Hello

VOICE C: Yes, goodnight.

VOICE A: Goodnight, how are you?

VOICE C: I'm good, what about you?

VOICE A: Trying to be good.


VOICE A: Trying to be good.

VOICE C: Eh heh.

VOICE A: How was your week?

VOICE C: I don't know weh we deh now.


VOICE C: The week wasn't bad. I think we get 192 today, but wha-she-name had to talk to them because we had to drop, lucky thing tomorrow is a holiday.

VOICE A: You had to drop everything…

VOICE C: No, we just had the people long..

VOICE A: Wha you say you issued out 192 or you accepted 192.

VOICE C: Issued

VOICE A: Issue 192.


VOICE A: So you had a crowd deh for a long time.

VOICE C: Yeah, da was the thing, but between we don't have a play out ... when Saturday and we go in - decided to remember - we gathering up everything, we were short a lot.

VOICE A: Short a lot ah wha?

VOICE C: The things for the 20 th

VOICE A: The things for the 20 th

VOICE C: Eh hey.

VOICE A: Today is the 21 st

VOICE C: Yes, the things for yesterday.

VOICE A: So wait, dey didnt prepare them.

VOICE C: Leh me tell you. Only God in Heaven knows wha play out deh.

VOICE A: And how Morrison boasting that she deh ahead?

VOICE C: Of course, they come ahead but nobody can tell you what really playing out deh, we cant tell.

VOICE A: So wait, the people came and they couldn't get yesterday.

VOICE C: Correct.

VOICE A: About how many.

VOICE C: Let me see, bout twenty something or something like dat. Wha she name talk to them today and I tell them point blank, a say: fuh me wan wan - like today own, I stay all man …we pay back and recon all… not clear. We woulda stay back and do it. Well, ah see we ahead, we dey at the 24 th.


VOICE C: February, whichin we get the sum already. The woman say dah might be sabotage, it gat to be the sergeant, we got to distribute books and give them – and dah di right..

VOICE A: So, Cummings aint pull she up.

VOICE C: Yes, Cummings talk to them, and say I cant understand this nonsense you all going on wid here. It didn't happen with Morrison. You see by time the woman ready fuh wok Monday…

VOICE A: So, wha you doing now?

VOICE C: Me, I deh on the road.

VOICE A: I deh in here. I want go by this church service.

VOICE C: Where?

VOICE A: Ah, at the square.

VOICE C: The Square of the Revolution.


VOICE C: Who gat church service deh.

VOICE A: …Steward dem invite me so I gon go and sit down lil bit.

VOICE C: I had yuh, am, I did try fuh get you early fuh you get to collect the …travelling.

VOICE A: The travelling is always a worries. It does come in late and then you does have a difficulty getting it to me. All you got to do is give it to Walker. Drop it in Walker hand if you can't get me.

VOICE C: Oh lad, here you start off. Like you want fight?

VOICE A: I ain't want fight. I telling you, you does hug up the thing and want hold it.

VOICE C: Eh, eh, you know why I hugging it up.


VOICE C: Because of the name, that's why I hug it up.

VOICE A: laugh

VOICE C: You laugh you tail. You done wid you promotion thing, or … aint get am?

VOICE A: No, we send off. I gat to do fuh two people, two deputies. I gat to sit down and do it tomorrow or some day.

VOICE C: Oh, oh oh. I gon and thing deh and see what tomorrow may bring.


VOICE C: Eh eh. You aint call fuh me last night? Somebody call, some private call after eleven.

VOICE A: Nah na, that is not me. That is definitely not me.

VOICE C: And by the time I answer, it cut off, but it deh ring ding, I say yo mek yoself a monkey.

VOICE A: Nah, that is not me.


VOICE A: Hear this, see if you could get immigration to search for the records of a lady name Joycelyn Hinds….

VOICE C: Eh heh

VOICE A: …living somewhere in Plaisance, she supposed to be about 40-45 years. Is like lil urgent.

VOICE C: Eh heh

VOICE A: Alright.

VOICE C: Eh heh; I gon do dat tomorrow.

VOICE A: You gat to do it very early.

VOICE C: Eh heh, right.

VOICE A: Later.

VOICE C: All right then. Bye bye.

( Telephone conversation completed)

(Sounds of dialing…new conversation starts)

Telephonist: 48 hours

Voice A : Yeah, please get Ms Morrison to call me in office now.

Telephonist: Okay, sir.

Voice A : Right.

(Conversation ends

Silence… )

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