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Friday, June 09, 2006

- accusation rubbish, silly, baseless - PPP

The People's National Congress (PNC) has accused People's Progressive Party (PPP) activists of paying picketers to protest in front of the Office of the President.

Over the last week, scores of persons have been calling for the resignation of Police Commissioner Winston Felix.

But Information Liaison to the President Robert Persaud in an invited comment dismissed the claim as rubbish, adding that he will not be caught up in responding to every silly, baseless accusation that emanates from Congress Place .

According to Executive Member of the PNC Kadim Khan, PPP activists in the villages of Good Intent, Sisters and Patentia on the West Bank of Demerara were actively involved in the mobilisation of persons to be part of the picketing exercise sponsored by organised crime.

According to him, these persons are being paid $3000 and $4000 for each day they appear on the picket line.

“The PNC now calls on the PPP/C to explain their connections with these picketing exercises which are organised with the intention of promoting the interests of organised crime. The PPP/C must also explain how its support for organised crime can promote the interests of the people of Guyana ,” Khan said.

The PNC also added that the recent letter by Prime Minister Samuel Hinds to the Commissioner of Police purporting to be seeking an immediate explanation of the allegations made against him is most worrying.

The party said it is well known that the basis of allegations against the Commissioner of Police is the dubious recordings produced by criminal enterprise. It added that given the fact that today's technology allows for limitless manipulation of recordings, these recordings are not a credible basis for allegations against the Commissioner of Police. Consequently, the Prime Minister's letter must be viewed as an excursion into the dark that can only benefit criminal enterprise, the PNC said.

According to the PNC, it is now public knowledge that at the time of the writing of the letter the government was aware that the FBI had requested the original recording before it could authenticate the voices or the conversation. “This is no doubt a significant development that renders the recording impotent as a basis for anything other than gossip and slander,” Khan opined.

The party posited that the statement by Head of the Presidential Secretariat Dr Roger Luncheon that the government could no longer await the response of the FBI is a clear indication that the PPP/C intends to proceed to act against the Commissioner without due process.

It added that the fact that this letter was sent confirms the collaboration between the Bharrat Jagdeo government and the ‘narco enterprise'.

The party says another source for concern is the timing of the Prime Minister's letter.

It noted that the letter was dispatched shortly after the Joint Services had recovered one of the missing AK-47s from persons connected to organised crime, who are involved in acts of terror against Guyanese citizens.

The PNC says it has also confirmed the Joint Services statement that the criminal enterprise is actively recruiting ex-military persons in order to promote further terror and create instability. These developments, the party believes, should have been of grave concern to the PPP/C government.

Khan posited that the fact that the government chose to ignore this most ominous development and instead attempts to weaken the authority of the Commissioner of Police shows clearly that either the PPP government believes that it can benefit from instability and terror created by the criminal enterprise or the PPP is aware of and supports the efforts of organised crime in their fight against the security forces.

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