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The lawyers for four wanted men currently embroiled in a tussle with the law enforcement agencies have said that their clients have advised them that an attorney-at-law law has procured eyewitnesses to state that they were the ones who executed Talk Show Host, Ronald Waddell earlier this year.

The wanted men are: Roger Khan, Paul Rodrigues, Ricardo Rodrigues and Gerald Perreira. Police had issued wanted bulletins for all four men in March but their lawyers have challenged the bulletin in the courts saying that the police had no right to do such a thing. The matter is currently before the courts. Waddell was shot 13 times in his car just as he was about to drive out from his Subryanville home. Up to now police have not charged anyone for the murder, although they had detained and questioned a few men who have connections with the wanted quartet. None of the senior functionaries of the police force could be reached for a comment on the matter yesterday.

The lawyers however forwarded by way of letter, the allegation to the Director of Public Prosecutions (ag) as well as the Attorney General.

According to the letter issued by the Chambers of Hanoman and Associates and signed by Glenn Hanoman and Vic Puran, their clients instructed them to write the two agencies. "Our clients have been reliably informed that an attorney-at-law has procured two witnesses to falsely state that they were witnesses to a murder (Waddell)." The lawyers said that they were further informed that the attorney and a high ranking police official have conspired to cause a report to be made at a police station so that charges of murder could be brought against the quartet. "It is to be noted that this manoeuvre comes days after the Leader of the Opposition, Robert Corbin called for witnesses to come forward and that private criminal charges be laid against our clients," the attorneys said in their letter. Corbin during a public rally in Linden recently had called on persons whose loved ones were killed during the death squad era to come forward and mount private criminal charges against Khan who admitted that he helped fight crime during the escapee-led crime wave in 2002-3. A source close to Khan had also told this newspaper that the businessman, who has been indicted for conspiring to import cocaine into the USA, used members of the now disbanded Target Special Squad TSS and ex-convicts in his crime fight.

While the police said that they do not know for certain who killed Waddell, speculation was rife at the time of his demise that the killers had some connections to the notorious Phantom Squad.

Freed murder accused, Shawn Hinds, and two relatives of murdered 'hitman' Axel Williams were arrested and locked up for several days over the matter. They were subsequently released on station bail.

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