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Embattled businessman Shaheed ‘Roger' Khan is urging the government to pay closer attention to the modus operandi of the military, which he claims has intensified its campaign against him.

In his most recent statement e-mailed to Kaieteur News by one of his attorneys last night, Khan said that the so-called “Joint Services release” is actually a highly speculative statement that is intended to lead the general public up the garden path to someone they described “as a fugitive from US justice”.

The Joint Service, in a statement on Saturday night following the recovery of an AK-47 assault rifle on East Coast Demerara, had linked two suspects to a narcotics criminal enterprise “led by a fugitive from US justice”.

The Joint Services said that investigators were working to establish the accuracy of new information, suggesting that this group has over the past two weeks embarked on the recruitment of persons, most of whom had law enforcement or military background.

The Joint Services added that it is felt that the recruitment drive is part of a larger plan to create instability through acts of criminal violence against innocent civilians.

“It is clear that from the description that the statement hopes to implicate me in more ways than one,” Khan stated.

“The Joint Services release is neither a release nor does it truly emanate from the Joint Services. It is a GDF statement that does not set any factual or evidential basis for the conclusion that they hope to conjure up for public consumption.”

The businessman noted that the statement is clearly propagandist in nature and it is very telling that the investigators were “working to establish (not verify) the accuracy” of this information while still making bold pronouncements.

“The Joint Services statement dated June 3, 2006 is a desperate attempt by Chief-of-Staff Collins and Commissioner of Police, Winston Felix to link me to acts of domestic terrorism. The insinuations of the Joint Services that I am planning to destabilise my country go against every principle which I stand for,” Khan said.

He stated that because of his fierce stand against the “armed African resistance fighters” and his determination to expose what he described as a conspiracy involving the American Government, PNCR, Guyana Defence Force and the Commissioner of Police, he finds himself under attack from these very entities.

“I have placed my life and that of my family and friends in grave danger in defense of the defenseless; what would I gain from an unstable country? It was because of my intervention in 02/03 that many innocent lives were saved; and again beginning with the meeting with the American Embassy on March 6 th , 2006 when I naively thought that I might solicit the assistance of the Americans to intervene to prevent the further loss of innocent lives.”

According to Khan, first the Commissioner of Police, Winston Felix, issued illegal wanted bulletins and secondly the American Government unjustifiably placed his name in the INCSR 2006 which led to the subsequent indictment in New York .

A New York grand jury has indicted Khan for conspiring to import cocaine into the United States of America .

A wanted bulletin has been issued for his arrest in that country; however no request has been made for his extradition from Guyana .

He described as blatant, Chief-of-Staff Collins's diversion of the investigation into the missing AK-47's towards him and his associates.

Khan said that to make matters worse the leader of the Opposition PNCR, Mr. Robert Corbin is calling for private criminal charges to be brought against him.

“So therefore, the statement by the Joint Services comes as no surprise to me. It reveals the political collusion between Chief-of-Staff Collins and Commissioner of Police, Winston Felix. Why have all these forces united against me?”

He believes that the members of the Joint Services will resort to planting evidence on persons and properties connected to him.

“Anyone who dares to challenge the “conspiracy” will be harassed and become victims of attacks by military ranks, as was done on Sunday, June 04, 2006 on the home of former police, Paul Rodrigues.”

According to the businessman, Rodrigues wrote a letter to the Editor of Kaieteur News and this was published in the Sunday, June 4, 2006 edition, challenging the legality of military operations in the society.

As a result of the publication, Rodrigues's home was searched, again, at 05:00hrs yesterday by military ranks, who demanded to know his whereabouts.

Khan alleged that the ranks threatened the former policeman's wife and children with incarceration.

“No warrant was produced and his wife was told to tell her husband to desist from any further letters to the press,” Khan said.

Police have issued bulletins for Rodrigues and others who they say are wanted for questioning.

The legality of this is being challenged in the courts.

Khan stated that Guyana is in the midst of the creeping stages of a military coup which is sponsored by outside forces.

“The evidence is clear for those of us who want see.”

“All of the operations of the so-called Joint Operations are intended to hunt me down and execute me if found. The wanted bulletin is the precursor to my execution,” Khan said.

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