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Thursday, June 15, 2006

FIVE guns and ammunition were yesterday stolen from the Kurupung Police Station in the hinterland while cops normally based there were away from the building, sources said.

Police said they were investigating the suspected larceny of arms and ammunition from the station which occurred at about 07:30 h yesterday. Kurupung is a mining community a few miles from the Pakaraima Mountain range.

Police, in a brief press release, confirmed that four Carbines, a magazine with 15 rounds of .30 ammunition and a 12-gauge shotgun had disappeared but said the circumstances were “not yet clear.”

The Guyana Chronicle understands three Police ranks were posted at the station.

A source said that on Tuesday one cop was reportedly ill while another was in Georgetown yesterday for a case in court.

The lone rank left at the station reportedly responded to a complaint Tuesday night and left.

While he was away, a person or persons unknown entered the station, broke into the strong box containing the weapons and stole the guns and ammunition.

According to the source, the four Carbines were part of a cache of six; the two which were left behind were defective. There were two shotguns also, the defective one being ignored by the perpetrators or perpetrator.

The source also stated that 200 rounds of ammunition were stolen.

An unconfirmed report reaching the Guyana Chronicle was that a former rank, who lives in Buxton, East Coast Demerara, and who had previously been posted at the Kurupung station, was recently seen in the area.

The Police Force said Commissioner Winston Felix visited the station yesterday and an investigating team from Police Headquarters, including crime scene ranks, under the command of a senior officer is in the area investigating.

A joint operation involving ranks of the Guyana Defence Force to recover the firearms and ammunition is being contemplated, the press release said.

This development comes in the wake of the ongoing and so far largely fruitless search by the Joint Services for 30 AK-47 rifles and five handguns stolen from the GDF Camp Ayanganna headquarters in Georgetown earlier this year.

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