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Police are questioning the father who tied his seven-year-old son to a wall and left him without food for days in a South Sophia shack.

The father was discharged from hospital on Friday, after he was treated for a wound sustained when he tried to kill himself in the Brickdam Police Station lock-ups.

A police source said that during questioning, the father admitted tying up his son, since he claimed that the child was disobedient.

“He seh dat de boy does interfere with he things,” the source said.

According to the source, the father denied leaving the boy without food.

The seven-year-old was rescued by police a week ago, after persons in the area informed them of his plight.

He was taken to the Georgetown Hospital where he was admitted, suffering from starvation and dehydration.

He is reportedly recovering well.

The child's two other siblings managed to escape from the house, after they were forcibly taken from a city orphanage by their father.

The two of them are with their mother, who is on the run after the father threatened to kill her.

The source said that police are monitoring the father's actions closely while investigators are in the process of instituting charges against him.

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