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Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Child tied up in house, left to die

rescuers moved to tears

Police on the East Coast Demerara saved the life of a little boy, who was found tied to the wall of an A Field Sophia shack on Saturday night.

The child, who was visibly malnourished, might have been left without food for more than a week.

Kaieteur news understands that medical personnel at the Georgetown Public Hospital said that had the child not been rescued by yesterday midday, he would have succumbed from starvation.

The police stumbled on the bizarre incident while searching for two children, who were reportedly stolen from an orphanage in the city.

A source told this newspaper that on Saturday, the police were told that a father had taken two of his children from an orphanage without consent, and had locked them in a house in Sophia.

A party of policemen went to the area and searched unsuccessfully for two hours for the children before giving up.

A few hours later, the police received a call from a Sophia resident who had seen them earlier in the area.

“She said, ‘Y'all looking fuh de child wha tie up in de house?' And she gave us a direction,” a police source told Kaieteur News.

The police returned to the community and located a shack which was in complete darkness.

Convinced that they were at the right place, the ranks proceeded to kick open the door. Using flashlights, they soon discovered the child stark naked and tied to a wall.

Kaieteur News understands that some of the ranks were moved to tears at the sight of the malnourished child. Both feet were also tied together.

“He had marks of violence on his body and his head had a (swelling). We took a duster from the line in the yard and wrapped him up and took him away,” the source said.

Persons attempted to feed the child but were advised not to do so.

At the hospital, the child was immediately placed on intravenous drips.

Up to late last night, police were still trying to locate the parents of the child. They could face charges of neglect.

“Neighbours were tight-lipped. You know how people are nowadays,” a source said.

Kaieteur News