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Friday, June 09, 2006

DJ Stress Party tomorrow night

Before we say anything else about this weekend’s big event, we have to give some props to our boy DJ Stress. There is no getting away from the fact that Paul Bonar looks like an average guy if you catch him during the day time…but on any given Friday night, this guy gets into one side of a taxi, does a quick change and emerges on the other side as Super DJ.

With his two shows – Rock Zone and the Back in Time Party – held at the recently spruced up Club Sky 7 on Independence Weekend, DJ Stress saved what would otherwise have been a bland and boring three days in GT. This guy is quickly establishing his own brand name in Guyana, putting the “Stress” stamp on a variety of big events from boat cruises to rock and roll parties.

Now this Saturday, DJ Stress’ Bollywood Nite Dance Party is back at the Thirst Park Sports Club from 7pm after an initial postponement last week. There ain’t much to say except that if you like Bollywood, you’ve got to be there…and if even if you are new to the music, you can get no better intro to it than a DJ Stress initiation. Weekend Confidential shall be there.

What’s On
A Mixed Bag
This weekend, you have a little bit of this and a little bit of that. How we long for the days when there were like fifteen events on a single weekend and the joint patrols did their partying at city night spots on Saturday night like everyone else…

What can we say, it’s an election year…
This weekend, Oasis Café – that steaming, hot little coffee shop on Carmichael Street – will be showing us some of the opening games for the FIFA World Cup 2006. Watch those amazing Brazilians – the footballers, not the girls at certain night spots around the city – do their thing well sipping on a nice hot cappuccino. The display by new artist Sharka Lee is still up there and we recommend you check out the particularly enthralling piece in the reading room. Rumour has it that a publicity-shy, British guy is scheduled to display some of his wilful, yet rambling and vibrant watercolours – Van Gogh at Baganara – there in a couple of days. We’ll keep you posted.

We were walking along by the St. George’s Cathedral the other day – during daylight hours we insist on adding – when the name Arly’s caught our eye. On North Road, the second building from King Street, is one of those little unique places that you stumble across every now and then in GT. While you can get your little pastries or creole food there Arly’s specialty is ice-cream, locally made and locally priced but looking and tasting like one of those ridiculously expensive things that gas stations sell. And then the best surprise of all…ice cream cakes. That’s it. Cake, made out of ice cream. Gentlemen, if you think vodka and orange juice was the most efficient IPR, you have never treated your lady to a chocolate ice cream cake from Arly’s. What are you waiting for?

We are always GLAD to give support to SASOD, and we do so with Pride. Now that piece of tasteless punning is over, the Society Against Sexual Orientation Discrimination is hosting its second Painting the Spectrum Film Festival here in Georgetown. Tonight at the Sidewalk Café it’s the South Africa Moviethon featuring one feature-length film, Proteus and several shorter films. Just to give you an idea of the type of film that is being shown, just note that the festival opened with Brokeback Mounting (not sure we got the name right) last week. SASOD seems to be keeping the best films, like Better than Chocolate for example, for during the week for reasons we cannot fathom. Month end however, we can look forward to Dinner Party this month end. Special guest speaker is going to be SASOD Patron and Honorary Member, Mr. Roger Williams…or not. Showtime, by the way, is 7 pm.

The Reisha Rush
When we published the profile on Reisha Hariraj last week, we had no idea that we would get the kind of response that we did. Young men from across the country, eager to meet the “lovely, laid-back lass” sent in mail after mail asking us to hook them up with Reisha. We hereby publish the letters of the top three candidates:

Our man, Hugh A. writes:
“I read about Reisha Hariraj and was quite intrigued. Could you send my address to her so that we could get more acquainted?

Sexy Blue eyes”

Wendell B. tells us:
“Hey, Mr. Editor of Weekend Confidential! I am responding to the ad in the papers of Ms Hariraj. I am very interested in going on a date with her, which should give me the chance to get to know her better. My name is Wendell (my friends call me Welchie), I am 17 years old; I am of mixed race. I used to attend Christ Church Secondary School. I would like to go on a date with Ms Hariraj at any time convenient to her. If possible she can contact me on telephone number [provided],or she can give me her number. I am really looking forward to meeting this beauty.

Sincerely yours,

And finally, Surendra M. sent us the following:
“Hello, my name is Surendra and I read your article about Ms. Reisha Hariraj last week. I don't usually do these kind of things, but I couldn't help but notice certain qualities that Ms Hariraj and I share alike. Both of us are presently single and are looking for someone. It is my request that you forward this message to Ms. Hariraj along with my e-mail address [provided]. There are no strings attached, please fell free to e-mail me at anytime.”

We have forwarded all messages to Reisha and she’ll take it from there. All we can say guys is good going cause faint heart never won fair lady. Go brave. And if any of you gets anywhere significant, we want some wedding cake.

Confidential Feedback
Tessa On Life, the Universe and Everything
Ever since she lit a bonfire under our behinds because of a lacklustre edition of Weekend Confidential, we have relied on occasional feedback from the real girl herself, Tessa Bacchus to tell us where we got it wrong and where we got it right. Last week’s issue promote Tessa to send us her longest critical missive to date.

Dear Editor,
Regarding “From Ghana with love”. How dare Weekend Confidential publish a person's letter and their picture for kick on such a delicate matter?? Well, she deserved it for thinking that in Guyana candlelight dinners are romantic, and that there's actually a "beach" she can freely walk on without the fear of being robbed and/or sodomised. People just trying to get out of Guyana and she trying to come; it can't be that bad in Ghana. Maybe she's relying on the kindness of a businessman who is filthy rich from some illicit activity. She is cute though…if that's her picture.

I'm disappointed in your profile. She's not even 18 and looking for a man and advertising it. She should be concentrating on making something of raises my IRE to see young women talking about what kinda man they want. They don't even know themselves. Please make sure all your profiles are over 18; she can't even vote so who cares. Last week’s profile Ms. Dundas was nice; however, that picture was damn unflattering. So she actually agreed to have that published? Maybe someone told her she looked cute or maybe because I'm a woman I don't want to see a woman lying on a bed in that kind of pose, no Brokeback cowgirl here.

GT&T website has been lame since forever. Have you ever tried using the online directory to find a number?

Tessa B.
Ed. Response. While the letter writer in “From Ghana with love” actually requested that her picture be used we seriously believe the picture was taken from a magazine, probably “Essence”. And we find your comment on candlelight dinners unfair. Also unfair is your comment about robbery and sodomy on Guyana’s beaches: while robbery on the beaches have remained pretty stable over the past couple of years, random sodomy of romantic strollers has dropped drastically to roughly one-twentieth of 1992 figures.

With regard to the profile, we agree to ensure that person featured in the future are 18 and above; however, you should remember that the Age of Consent is 16. By the way, when you say that young women don’t know themselves – are you, for simple clarification sake, referring to existential or biblical knowledge? With reference to Nevillean’s picture, she had actually sent us another one

And finally you call the Ghana girl cute and then you deny you have any Sapphic tendencies…right.

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