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- hijack taxi, escape in company car
Abdool Razack, the taxi driver

A security guard was gunned down while on duty at the Guyoil Heathburn Terminal East Bank Berbice yesterday afternoon by armed men who robbed the establishment of a large sum of money before taking off in a company vehicle, which they later abandoned.

Dead is Alan Jordan, 51, of Fyrish Village, Corentyne. In the process, the bandits also grabbed a gun from another guard.

According to reports, two men hired a taxi from New Amsterdam and asked the driver to take them to Edinburgh. While on the way, one of them asked the driver to stop so he could urinate. Once the driver had stopped, near the Glasgow Cemetery, three other men emerged from the burial ground and assaulted the driver.

The driver was then placed in the backseat of the car and one of the bandits drove the car to the Guyoil terminal. They began firing shots as soon as they got there, in the direction of the guard hut. It was at this time, that Jordan, a father of two, was apparently hit. He appeared to have died on the spot.

Meanwhile, the men entered the compound and they forced another guard to hand over his shotgun.

Gary Trim, whose gun the bandits took

They then made their way into the office and grabbed some $300,000, which was in the cash register.

Leaving the taxi and the driver in the compound, the bandits boarded a Guyoil vehicle, in which they made good their escape. The vehicle was later found abandoned in the Glasgow New Housing Scheme.

According to a relative of Jordan, the man had gone home that morning and had returned to work for the three o'clock shift that afternoon. Another security guard had only minutes before handed over to Jordan when the men stormed the place.

Razack Abdool, the taxi driver who the men hired at New Amsterdam, told this newspaper that the two men had requested that he take them to Edinburgh. As they got to the Glasgow burial ground, he said, one of the men asked him to stop because he wanted to "pass some water". As soon as he did, he said, three other men came out of the bushes with a bag and started to beat him up. He added that after a while he did not know what was going on and the men told him to get into the backseat. He protested and they put him into the backseat and beat him some more in his stomach and other places. They then took over the car and drove it to the Guyoil Heathburn Terminal.

He said he heard the sound of gunfire, but was not able to see what took place inside the compound, until persons helped him out of the vehicle when it was all over.

According to Gary Trim, the second security guard on duty, around 3.25 pm yesterday, a customer had arrived with a truck to purchase fuel. He let the truck in and as he was closing the gate, the car pulled up and stopped and the men started shooting. He said he took cover at the side of the guard hut as the men rushed into the compound. He said that as he was pulling out his firearm to return fire, one of the men pointed a gun at him and told him he would be killed. He was then relieved of his firearm and the men made their way into the office located a short distance away from the guard hut. He said the men had large weapons, which appeared to be M-70s.

The Terminal Supervisor at the Guyoil Heathburn Terminal said there were three workers in the office, but once they heard the gunshots they escaped out the backdoor, before the robbers entered. Other employees in the compound, he said, jumped over the fence to get out of harm's way. He added that it appeared the men timed the event since they showed up just as a fuel truck was entering. The entire incident, he said, lasted for about five minutes.

When everyone was able to return they discovered Jordan lying lifeless in the guard hut. His daughter and other relatives who arrived on the scene broke down in tears as his body was being taken away.

The supervisor said the men escaped with $300,000 cash along with a shotgun and a revolver and it appeared that they had shot Jordan through the guard hut window.

Yesterday, members of staff were still in shock and shaken over what had taken place.

Earlier, around 1.10 pm, three men held the Supervisor at the New Amsterdam ferry stelling at gunpoint and robbed the office of $60,000.

It appeared that the men arrived at the Stelling using boats and made good their escape the same way.

The police are investigating both incidents.

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