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Tuesday, May 02, 2006
The yoke must be broken - AFC

The leaders of this nation both past and present ought to feel ashamed for the darkness and destruction they have presided over for the past 40 years and pity for those who have remained patriots and given their lives and paid the price for their loyalty.

This was part of the Alliance For Change (AFC) message to workers on May Day 2006.

The party said it pitied those who remained true patriots and gave their lives in service to build a nation and have paid the ultimate price for their loyalty.

The AFC said it was time for a better life for our people. The party's message said when Guyana gained independence in May 1966 the dream was to create a state in which inequalities of opportunity would be eradicated and a glorious period of goodwill and growth would be ushered in.

"Unfortunately, as we look upon our toiling brothers and sisters we see sadness, fear and hopelessness. Our workers today have been reduced to a state of servitude being driven to exist on starvation wages; whilst few live in oblivion as to how and on what the average public servant or labourer is forced to exist on. After 40 years the yoke must be broken," said the AFC.

"Change and transformation are inevitable and so today we honour our brothers and sisters in service to our community and assure them that change and liberation are on their way."

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