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Tuesday, May 23, 2006

‘We know Minister Sawh's killers'

President Jagdeo

The police have determined the identity of the persons who killed Minister of Agriculture, Satyadeow Sawh, but those who directed the assassination are yet to be determined.

President Bharrat Jagdeo made this revelation yesterday while addressing residents of West Berbice at a community meeting.

Based on the information the police disseminated to him, the Head of State said the persons who did the killing are living in Buxton.

“We know who killed him…because the guns that were used in Agricola, some of those same guns were used there…A ballistic test traced to those guns…We know based on what the police said to me that those people came out of Buxton. The issue is who sent them,” the Head of State said.

According to President Jagdeo he is convinced that the Minister's killers did not go to his home to rob him.

“They are spreading on the internet that his wife killed him…that he was killed because of drug dealing…They want to divert the attention from what he was killed for…He was shot in the head,” President Jagdeo said, without naming the persons he referred to as ‘they'.

The President also accused Opposition Leader Robert Corbin of misleading his supporters into believing that he had recently met with the Head of State.

The President was at the time referring to Corbin's speech which was made at the Square of the Revolution last Saturday.

According to the President, the Opposition Leader lied about his discussions with him.

“At their rally they told their own supporters that they just spoke with me…It wasn't true…I was in Austria ,” the President added.

He further said that Corbin also told his supporters that he wanted to include all the political parties in discussion on crime but that was also not true.

“I had previously spoken with him and I said to him that if he was serious about fighting crime…why don't we have an unequivocal condemnation of crime and expression of support for the security forces to go after the criminals…but he said to me that he was to have a conference, a bigger meeting with other parties to talk about constitutional issues and other matters along with crime…

“I made it clear that killing innocent people has nothing to do with constitution,” the Head of State said.

Speaking about the Guyana Police Force and the Guyana Defence Force, President Jagdeo added that although over $7 billion is spent each year on the security forces no results are forthcoming.

“It is one thing to say that you are doing operations…but effectiveness is judged by how well you do…the results that you get…Unfortunately, although we are spending a lot of money we are not getting the results,” the President said.

“My focus is to look at effectiveness and results,” the President added.

His comment about the security forces came after residents in the area condemned the recent increase of crime.

One businessman told the President that within recent times the bandits have been focusing on successful businessmen and women and that something must be done.

“It is easy for businesspeople to get visas and go away but what will happen to our country?” the businessman asked.

The Head of State reassured the businessman that security is a major focus of the administration and that there will be some restructuring within the GPF and GDF after the next General and Regional Elections.

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