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-- How did Abu Bakr right hand man get Guyana passport?

UNCOVERED: David Millard known as ‘Buffy’, who claimed he was another man.

THE Trinidad terrorist suspect nabbed in a Joint Services raid on a house south of Georgetown earlier this week, is not the man he claims to be, sources confirmed yesterday.

The Guyana Defence Force (GDF) Thursday night announced that the man held in the raid in the continuing search for 30 AK-47 rifles and five pistols stolen from its Georgetown headquarters, had identified himself as Mustafa Abdullah Muhammad, also known as Edmund DeFreitas.

He has, however, now been identified as David Millard, well-known in Trinidad as ‘Buffy’, who fled from New York after a shooting incident and returned to Trinidad where he moved up the ranks of the radical Jamaat Al Muslimeen group led by coup leader Abu Yasin Bakr.

A top source yesterday said authorities are trying to find out how Millard found his way here and acquired a Guyana passport in the name of Edmund DeFreitas, recorded in the travel document as born in March 1960 at Bartica in Guyana.

A 9 mm pistol and 57 rounds of matching ammunition, electronic equipment, cell phones and computers were among items seized in the raid on a Nandy Park house where Millard and four others were arrested and investigators here are trying to find out what the Trinidad fugitive was up to while here.

He is now thought to have been hiding out in Guyana since late 2003 when he fled Trinidad after his leader Abu Bakr was charged with conspiracy to murder.

Mustafa Abdullah Muhammad, now uncovered as the dangerous and wanted `Buffy’, also claimed he was a bodyguard for a known local narcotics trafficker (name given) and that he was involved in the coup by the Jamaat Al Muslimeen against the Trinidad and Tobago Government in 1990.

The Army said Muhammad is wanted in Trinidad for his alleged involvement in a murder attempt on a former member of the Jamaat Al Muslimeen, led by Abu Bakr.

But the Guyana Chronicle understands that Millard was not involved in the 1990 attempted coup.

At the time of the attempted coup, he was in New York, but fled sometime later as a result of a shooting incident. He returned to Trinidad and moved up the ranks of the Jamaat Al Muslimeen.

He never used his Christian name and everyone in Trinidad knew him as Buffy, this newspaper understands.

Trinidad reporters following the case yesterday said that when the Jamaat's number three man, Mark Guerra, was killed in March 2003, ‘Buffy’ assumed that position and was considered a right hand man of leader Abu Bakr.

On June 4, 2003, in his bedroom in Diego Martin, six miles west of

Port-of-Spain, ‘Buffy’ allegedly met Bakr and two others to plan the murder of two expelled members of the Jamaat. There was a shooting incident that night outside of Port-of-Spain in which one of the two expelled members was shot, but an innocent woman was killed.

On August 21, 2003, Bakr was charged with conspiracy to murder the two expelled members.

But ‘Buffy’ was missing and his last departure was for Guyana, investigators believe.

Bakr went on trial, but on March 16, 2005, the jury failed to arrive at a verdict. His retrial is fixed for October 2 and he remains in custody.

Last November 7, he was charged with sedition, terrorism, and incitement and that trial is yet to be held.

‘Buffy’ was jointly charged with Bakr with conspiracy to murder and if he is returned to Trinidad, he will be placed in custody and tried.

Police here yesterday said he remained in custody.

Word of the arrest of the wanted Trini came as the GDF announced progress in the shocking theft of the AK-47s and pistols from a bond at its Camp Ayanganna headquarters in Georgetown.

The GDF Thursday said the United States Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) is “working closely” with it and has helped local investigators identify several suspects in the case.

It said the GDF investigation is progressing and several suspects have been identified.

The FBI assisted the GDF in conducting several polygraph examinations and interviews and the investigation produced additional leads that are being analysed by the FBI, the Joint Services and other organisations here and in the U.S., the release said.

The Army said the FBI is continuing to assist with the investigation.

The wanted Trinidadian was one of five persons arrested Wednesday morning, when the Joint Services swooped on a home in Nandy Park, East Bank Demerara.

Bakr is being prosecuted with conspiracy to murder several of the group's former members who had spoken out publicly against the Jamaat al Muslimeen and its practices, and who were suspected of becoming witnesses in legal proceedings against its members.

They are under surveillance by the local National Security Agency as well as the U.S. Central Intelligence Agency for suspected terrorist relations with the Middle East, as are two other Muslim factions.