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Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Dear Editor,

"They can't kill everyone." These were the terrifying words uttered by the President at the IAC mela last Sunday. Are we then to assume that whoever "they" are can't kill everyone because either (a) it would be a logistical nightmare to hunt down every single person, (b) they would have run out of ammunition, (c) the sheer number of bloodied corpses piled up on each other would strike a chord of remorse in the gunmen, forcing them to bow their heads and walk away or (d) the remaining few of us would have long fled the country?

It has taken the President a mere two weeks to move from vowing to hunt down the killers of Minister Sawh to an unconditional surrender to the terrorists. And he chose the perfect setting to offer up his supporters as sacrificial lambs.

"They can't kill everyone." This should become our new national motto, and should be emblazoned on T-shirts, pens, exercise books and car bumpers. It would also serve very well as an election slogan - pithy, punchy, with just the right touch of optimism

Yours faithfully,

Robin Bhimal

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