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Still no major development in Sawh murder probe
-Deputy Commissioner

Deputy Commissioner of Police, Henry Greene told Stabroek News yesterday that while investigations are continuing there was no major development in the probe of the bloody murders of Agriculture Minister Satyadeow Sawh, two siblings and a security guard.

More than three weeks after the murders, which convulsed the country, Greene said detectives have been collecting statements from various people and examining leads. And while various requests for help have been made no agreement has been arrived at as yet.

Sawh's family has moved from their Earl's Court, La Bonne Intention (LBI) home as police struggle to find his murderers. In an advertisement in the press yesterday expressing thanks to those who had sympathised with them on the deaths of the four, Sawh's family said "We are now soldiers of their legacies, and go forward we will. We take this opportunity to implore all Guyanese to follow suit - let us seek to forward our positive efforts. As the prayer beseeches, let us dispel ignorance and promote knowledge".

Senior police sources told Stabroek News yesterday that the Guyana Police Force is still in discussions with officials from the Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) to determine what form of assistance would be given to aid local detectives in their investigations.

Sources close to the family told Stabroek News yesterday that since the cremation of the minister and his two siblings, Rajpat Sawh and Phulmattie Persaud, the minister's wife and their two sons Dave and Roger Sawh have relocated to the home of other relatives. The source said that the family is contemplating migrating permanently but this would likely happen after Dave completes writing CSEC exams next month. The other son, Roger was studying overseas at the time of his father's death. He has not returned but the source said the young man is scheduled to depart shortly.

It is over three weeks since the minister, his siblings and security guard, Curtis Robertson, were gunned down by seven masked men dressed in military fatigues. Police have concluded that the killers are members of a notorious gang based in Buxton. They said also that the said gang was responsible for the killing of eight people in Agricola late February.

Meanwhile, the Canadian government, according to official sources, has agreed to provide technical support to the police force in their investigation. Stabroek News was told that an official of the RCMP based in the region was due here shortly to assess the work that was done so far by the police and would then advise on what other help is needed. Senior police sources had told this newspaper that the force was interested in any help offered and had communicated to its Canadian counterparts that it would welcome assistance in all areas.

To date no one from the RCMP has visited but a senior police officer said that talks have been taking place.

Following the minister's slaying, the government had written to the Canadian, British and US governments for assistance. All three countries had pledged to assist but it was agreed among them that Canada would take the lead in the investigation since three of those killed were Canadian citizens.

Government spokesman, Robert Persaud had told this newspaper that apart from help in the investigation, government was also seeking assistance to boost the overall security of the state. There have been several calls for government to recruit foreign police but there has been no step in that direction from the administration.

The police and army have carried out a number of operations in Buxton and in other communities, but to date they have not been able to apprehend the killers.

Reports were that the Agriculture Minister's wife, Sattie and his brother, Omprakash, were in the kitchen when they saw a masked gunman watching them through the window. It was around 12:15 on the morning of April 22.

Sattie said she alerted the minister who was in his hammock on the veranda, but before he could scamper to safety he was riddled with shots. He collapsed just inside his front door. Sawh's brother, Omprakash, then hid his sister underneath a bed, but the gunmen found her and after dragging her out shot her in the face. The gunmen then turned their guns on the minister again and at the same time placed Omprakash on top of Rajpat and were about to execute them both. Omprakash said he and his brother were praying for their lives but before the gunmen left they fired another shot at the brothers killing Rajpat in the process.

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