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Friday, May 19, 2006
Luncheon unaware of Roger Khan anti-crime role

Head of the Presidential Secretariat Dr Roger Luncheon says he is unaware of any engagement of businessman Roger Khan in a crime-fighting role.

Neither the Central Intelligence Committee nor the Defence Board "engaged anyone other than state agencies" in discharging the responsibilities and statutory functions of the law enforcement agencies, Dr Luncheon said.

Responding to questions from the media in relation to claims by the embattled businessman, Shaheed 'Roger' Khan that he played a role in providing information to government authorities and assisting in curbing crime during the 2002 crime spree, Dr Luncheon said he would "not necessarily" respond to the claims made by Khan but to the question of "an engagement with the administration in relation to the preservation of law and order and such like."

Dr Luncheon, who is the Secretary to the Cabinet, said that as the Chairman of the Central Intelligence Committee and as Secretary of the Defence Board he was not aware of the two bodies engaging anyone other than state entities in the discharge of the responsibilities and statutory functions of the law enforcement agencies, currently.

With respect to the claims of a contribution in an earlier time, he said that any role Khan might have played "could not have been the result of any agreement brokered or entered into with the administration and Mr Khan and his group at the level of the entity for which I have been the chairperson or the secretary."

He added that, "in essence I don't have a recollection directly, or, it has not been brought to my attention."

Asked whether the administration had any contacts with Khan during the 2002 period, Dr Luncheon said that, "during the historical period and currently, I am unaware of contacts to establish some law enforcement role from Mr Khan."

As to whether the government has received an extradition request for Khan to the USA by the US government, Dr Luncheon said that he was not aware that any such request was made to any of the responsible government agencies.

He added, however, that if a request were made, the procedure based on the treaty and bilateral agreement that cover extradition would be followed. Khan has been indicted in the US on a drug charge. He went into hiding after local police issued an arrest warrant in relation to another matter.

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