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Set like a gem in the crown of South America, nestled on the North-Eastern shoulder, defying the raging Atlantic Ocean, Guyana's many waterways reflect the source of it's name "The Land of Many Waters"
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Dear Editor,

I read with disdain the story of a young Guyanese woman who travelled to a sister Caricom State for a vacation, Barbados and was bewildered, embarrassed and humiliated by a strip search and made to do a squat even though she was pregnant by the airport authorities. This demands action from our government to bring an end to these atrocities done to Guyanese over the years in Barbados particularly, but elsewhere in the Caribbean..

The search was repeated even though nothing was found, the young woman and her husband have vouched not to enter Barbados again. Something radical must be done to arrest this atrocious attitude of our so-called Caribbean brothers and sisters, Guyanese working in Barbados must show their patriotism by downing tools for two days in protest at this uncalled for action. Others should find other places to ply their trade and withdraw their services and further if all official efforts fail to end these embarrassing treatments there must be rigorous searches at our ports of entry of anyone coming from those parts.

Sometime ago Prime Minister Owen Arthur spoke highly of the contribution of Guyanese to that nation's development, but the airport officials continue to harass our people, even using obscenities.

Yours faithfully,

Pastor Ivan John