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Roger Khan will not surrender under Felix


Embattled businessman Roger Khan will not turn himself over to local police for questioning, nor will he present himself to American authorities to face conspiracy to import cocaine charges in that country.

This was communicated to this newspaper yesterday by attorney for Khan, Glenn Hanoman.

Hanoman told Kaieteur News that his client has indicated that he has no confidence in the local police force as it is presently constituted with Winston Felix as the Commissioner.

“He has no faith in him (Commissioner Felix), and he has no faith in the force,” Hanoman said.

The response comes in the wake of the release of a taped conversation in which a voice believed to be that of Police Commissioner Winston Felix alluded to the planting of drugs on a woman, who it was alleged had stolen money from the office of a political party in Guyana .

Khan is wanted by police for questioning in the ongoing investigations into missing weapons from the GDF Headquarters, Camp Ayanganna .

He has also been indicted by a United States of America grand jury for conspiracy to import cocaine into that country.

The businessman had earlier indicated through his lawyer that he is willing to go to court to prove his innocence.

According to a source, Khan believes that it is the Commissioner who helped to initiate and “trump up charges”. “He believes that Felix is the key player in the move to indict him,” the source said.

According to Attorney-at-Law Hanoman, his client has indicated that tapes of the conversations between the person believed to be the Commissioner and others were taken to a meeting Khan claimed he had with American officials in March this year.

“My client has informed me that he took the tapes, including the recent one, to the Americans. Why are the Americans unwilling to authenticate the tapes?” Hanoman asked.

Khan had claimed that he had met with deputy US Ambassador Michael Thomas among others at the Ocean View International Hotel.

He had also indicated that he was in constant contact with senior officers of the Guyana Defence Force, and had provided them with information on the missing weapons.

The United States Embassy in Georgetown has insisted that Khan did not meet with Deputy Ambassador Thomas. They said the persons at the meeting were in fact agents from the US Federal Bureau of Investigations (FBI) and the Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA).

The local army had also confirmed that some of their officers were in contact with Khan, but this was part of their mandate to investigate the disappearance of the 33 AK-47 assault rifles and five handguns.

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