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Roger Khan

ROGER Khan is prepared to face the local courts and to “deal” with an extradition request from the United States, his lawyers maintained yesterday, as the U.S. Government spoke of meetings U.S. agencies had with the embattled Guyanese businessman.

An official at the U.S. Embassy here said it chose to speak of meetings Khan held with agents of the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) and the Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA) only “because Khan is of active law enforcement interest.”

“It is unfair to have the potentiality of an extradition hanging over Roger Khan,” his lawyer, Vic Puran told the Guyana Chronicle.

He said the U.S. should “step up to the plate” and request an extradition. “Roger Khan is prepared to meet the accusations,” Puran added.

Khan was recently indicted by a U.S. Grand Jury for conspiring to import cocaine into the U.S.

Media statements by Khan, including revelations about alleged meetings he had with the U.S. officials, caused the U.S. Embassy here to withdraw from normal practice and to speak of its links to the businessman.

An official at the embassy said the mission does not “normally” comment on such meetings but because of the law enforcement interest in Khan, it revealed that Khan indeed met the FBI and DEA in March this year.

However, the official said it was not “abnormal” for investigators to want to meet wanted persons for questioning.

The official was clear, though, that Khan did not meet key officials at the embassy, including Deputy Chief of Mission Michael Thomas and Regional Security Officer Brandon Lee.

Khan’s lawyer, Puran in an invited comment, said it is not of interest who Khan met and that there is no point playing the matter out in the press. He said his client is willing to meet the charges in court.

“Roger Khan is not a fugitive. If the Guyana Police Force wishes to charge him, we will bring him in,” Puran declared.

Local Police issued a wanted bulletin for Khan for questioning after the Joint Services raided his properties in the search for the high powered weapons which were discovered missing from Army headquarters, Camp Ayanganna, earlier this year.

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