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…had gone there to holiday with New York-based husband

It was their first visit to Barbados and they have vowed never to return. Desmond Clarke and his wife Mabali, travelled to Barbados on April 27 and 28 respectively, for a romantic rendezvous and to celebrate Mabali's 30th birthday.

However they claim their trip was tainted when Mabali, who is four months pregnant, was allegedly strip-searched at the Grantley Adams International Airport .

The couple is Guyanese but Desmond came directly from New York where he works in construction.

“I came from Guyana to meet my husband here. A police officer asked me what was my purpose here and I said ‘visiting'. He asked me where I was from and I said “ Guyana ” and he said ‘ Guyana ; you are f——ing thieves and you bring drugs to this country'”, Mabali recounted.

“He carried me to a Customs officer and they searched everything I had, from my bag to my sneakers .Then the officer called two female Customs officers and told them to take me in a room and search me.”

She said she was asked to strip literally from head to toe and told to squat in her condition. The Customs officers came out and told the police officer they found nothing.

“He told them to take me back in and search me again,” she said, visibly upset.

After the searches turned up empty once more, Mabali said the officer told her he would give her the benefit of the doubt and he let her go.

However, she said the whole incident was embarrassing and left a bad taste in her mouth about Barbados .

“I was the third person to come off the plane at 10:10.a m and I never got out of the airport until 12.15pm. I'll never come back to Barbados ever again,” she said.

Up to press time the police could not comment on the allegations made by the visitors.

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