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The Police have reported that 100 passports were found to be missing from the office of the Deputy Chief Immigration Officer yesterday.

These are blank passports that have not been issued to anyone.

The serial numbers of the passports are 1142301 to 1142401.

Police Investigators visited the scene and found that a padlock had been sawn off to allow entry into the strong room where the passports were kept. Keys might have also been used to facilitate the theft, a police release said.

The police are advising financial and other institutions not to accept any passport bearing any of the serial numbers mentioned that may be presented for any legitimate transaction. In any such event, officials are advised to make contact with the Deputy Commissioner ‘Law Enforcement’ on telephone number 225-3650.

The police are asking members of the public who may have any information leading to the recovery of the stolen passports to make contact on telephone numbers 225-6411, 226-4700, 226-3011, 225-1744, 226-2487, 226-2488, 226-1326 or 225-3650.

All information will be treated with the strictest confidence, the release says.

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