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Global Services co-founder George Melville

Global Services, a new information technology service provider equipped to provide high-level custom-built information technology programming for local and overseas clients is to be launched in Guyana at month end. And according to Toronto-based George Melville, a former Guyana scholar and one of three founders of Global Services the new company has already secured its first overseas contract under which it will deliver a .net programming package directly to a firm in the United States under an agreement with a Canadian-based client.

The outsourcing of high-level information technology contracts from North America has become a major source of both income generation and employment for developing countries and according to Melville Global Services is likely to benefit from more such outsourcing if its Canadian client is satisfied with its first assignment.

The IT service to be provided by Global Services will include applications to enable businesses to communicate via the internet and will embrace both document communication and financial communication.

Melville told Stabroek Business that the decision by the new company's Canadian client to outsource such a high level assignment to a Guyanese company should be regarded as an important development in the local information technology sector. He explained that India and other developed and middle income countries with well-advanced information technology sectors continued to benefit significantly from such outsourcing by clients in North America. "Global Services will be seeking to secure part of that market for Guyana," Melville told Stabroek Business.

Global Services will be recruiting graduates of its sister company, Global Technology which offers IT-related courses in a range of disciplines including computer programming, network administration, website design and data base administration and offers both local and overseas examinations.

Global Technology Net-work Administrator Talish Lall told Stabroek Business that the establishment of Global Services was essentially a response to the growth of the local information technology sector.

"There is a great need for custom built applications from companies that are based on the particular peculiarities of their businesses. While there are standard applications created by Microsoft and other international service providers, a company may need a particular payroll application created for itself for its specific business needs. Again, a company may not be able to afford an in-house system administrator to administer its network. Where such jobs are outsourced Global Systems will be able to handle them," Lall said.

Global Technology Fin-ance Manager Lisa Foster told Stabroek Business that the programmes provided by the training institution will equip graduates to become absorbed into the new company. She disclosed that Global Tech-nology had provided information technology training support for several state and private sector agencies including the Office of the Auditor General, the Ministry of Education, the National Bank of Industry and Commerce and Banks DIH Ltd.

According to Lall the school was providing tuition leading to examinations and certification offered by both Microsoft and Comteac for local students seeking careers in information technology but who could not afford the tuition fees being charged by overseas institutions. "In fact the cost of our tuition packages are so low that students from the Caribbean, Suriname and the United States come here to study," Lall told Stabroek Business. He noted that while some the examinations taken by students attending Global Technology were set and marked overseas the tuition leading to these examinations was offered locally.

According to Melville the new company will be seeking to provide remunerative jobs for between 50 and 100 IT professionals over the next three years.

Melville told Stabroek Business that the establishment of Global Services was realised with assistance from the Government of Guyana, through Go-Invest which had provided duty free concessions for equipment to be used by the Company.

Melville disclosed that the founders of the new company had decided to "fast track" its establishment in view of the importance that it attached to its first overseas contract.

"We are treating this assignment as an important test of our capacity to deliver a high quality job to an overseas customer. My information is that if our client is pleased more such contracts will be forthcoming for Global Services," Melville said.