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Wednesday, May 03, 2006

-gunmen were after scooter
Quacy (left) with his father Kenny Bristol in happier times

A twenty-five-year-old Nabaclis resident was gunned down on Monday night on the seawall by one of two armed men who police say apparently wanted his motor scooter.

Quacy Bristol, of 57 Nabaclis, East Coast Demerara, was shot and killed not far from the Celina Atlantic Resort, Kitty. The attackers had exited a motor car.

According to a police release, Bristol, a mason, and a female companion were on the bike and he was about to ride off when two men exited a motor car and approached him demanding that he get off. Bristol reportedly refused and one of the men pulled out a firearm and shot the man in the neck before escaping. Bristol was taken to the Georgetown Public Hospital Corporation where he was pronounced dead on arrival.

Yesterday the man's shocked relatives said that they could not understand the circumstances under which he died and said they doubted the motive was robbery. They pointed out that the gunmen did not take the scooter nor did they rob him as he had cash in his pocket and was wearing jewellery.

His father, Kenneth 'Kenny' Bristol also called 'Champ', former Commonwealth light middleweight champion, and Quacy's sister, Dawn, feel that the woman the young man was with holds the key to the motive behind the man's killing.

Up to yesterday they said she was in police custody being questioned. They told Stabroek News that the woman was not known to the family and from reports they had received Bristol had only met her about two nights ago at a party. His sister pointed to the fact that the woman told the police that the man's name was Nicholas which it is not.

His father, who only returned to Guyana on April 8 from the US to spend time with his two children, said the last time he saw his son was around 8 pm on Monday night when he left saying he was going to a party. He said around quarter to one yesterday morning he received a call from someone who informed him that his son had been shot. He said the person then put him to speak to a policeman who asked for some details about his son. The man said that he was told that he would have received another call about half an hour later but when he did not get the call he decided to visit the GPHC and when he got there he was given the shocking news that his son was not hospitalised but rather he was in the morgue.

The weeping man said that he had only returned to Guyana to see his son and daughter and he would never have thought that he would have been burying him. His sister said Quacy was a jovial person and never had any problem with anyone. This sentiment was echoed by the scores of friends and relatives who had converged at the young man's house yesterday.

"This is shocking. Is like trying to wake up from a very bad dream," the young man's father said.

He said he hoped that his son's murder would not go down as another unsolved one as he would not rest until the persons responsible are brought to justice.

Bristol was the father of five-year-old Quaell and lived with the child's mother, Raquel at the said address. Other than his son and the mother of his child, he has also left to mourn his parents and eleven siblings.

Yesterday, many villagers expressed shock asking how someone so full of life and who always made them laugh could be killed.

Police are investigating.

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