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Tuesday, May 09, 2006
shamanta hunt
Subject: looking for WILBERT GRANT

Hello my good country people. I am looking for my dad, his name is Wilbert Grant he left Guyana in 1969.He made four of us two boys and two girls and we are trying to find him,we pray every day that he is alive.We are all big men and women now we would just love for him to see his grand children and his in-laws,my name is Andrea Grant I am now living in america.My mom said that he have a cousin by the name of Leyland Forde also my grandmother was a Forde my father was born 26th March 1943 please any body that knows him or his cousin please please give them this e-mail address. My father we know that you love us,we love you too,we have been trying to find you for so long .I pray that by the power of god that some body know you or Leyland. Have a bless day my internet friends. Thank you all.

Additional Information:

My father from what Ii learnt was born and grew up on the railway embankment in georgetown, he was born on the 26/03/1943. my mother only knew his mother never knew anything about his father. you see he was raised by his aunt who only past away about six months ago. she had moved and was living in linden for a number of years but her daughter would sometimes come and visit us from time to time. she died at the age of 85, but his mother died about 16 or 17 years ago. he use work at guyana water authority which was also known back then by water works. my youngst brother was only two weeks old when he left for the states and that was 1969 december.

Another thing my mom say's to ask your mon if she knows of one Leyland Forde which is the brother of Michael Forde. the same Michael that was killed in a bomb attact during the late 50's probably early 60's my mon cannot remmber clearly, he was a PPP ACTIVIST. but anyhow Leyland was my father's uncle nephew too, brenda father, Mr. forde who had raised him along with brenda and her brother lennox. so you see how my father had adopted the name forde but subsequently it (the name) had changed to Grant which my mon said was supposed to be his father's name. so his and her married name was Grant. anyhow Leyand went to the states some time in the 70's. my mon say that if your mother could remember him. he probably might be one of the clues to in finding him. that would be if he had ever seen him which my mon thinks he probly did.

My father first address my mother say's when he went up was 308 sterling place brooklyn 11216. that was from where he corresponded then went in to seclusion.