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Rondell Inniss

A 12-year-old boy of Lichfield, West Coast Berbice who had surgery at the St Joseph Mercy Hospital to correct his tendons is now able to walk flat on his feet rather than on his toes.

Rondell Inniss has also started school again after being away for more than one term.

Orthopaedic surgeon Dr Fawcett Jeffrey, who performed the surgery free of charge, said the operation was 100% successful and the child would no longer have to walk on his toes.

But even though it has brought him close to normalcy he would never have the chance to walk properly.

The reason for that, Dr Jeffrey said, was because he has developed cerebral palsy where the motor segment of his brain was damaged around the time of birth. According to Dr Jeffrey, Rondell would have had to start physiotherapy to see if he could gain better control of his muscles.

The boy is due for a follow-up visit soon so Dr Jeffrey, who has done many surgeries of this nature, will see if he can do anything to improve the boy's gait.

When this newspaper visited the boy at the Treasure's Primary Academy he was very attentive in his class. His teacher, Miss Ritch said, "He is a bit slow to catch up with the work but he is very eager to learn."

Wearing a pair of black sneakers, his feet were placed firmly on the ground as he showed off his ability to walk flat. But his knees are still bent inward and are knocking together when he walks. Surgery has not been done to correct that part.

When the boy's story appeared first in this newspaper a few other persons had expressed an interest to help, including Dr Balwant Singh of the Balwant Singh Hospital and Dr Terrence Joseph.

His mother Ranell Inniss is very pleased with the help and support she received and would like to express her gratitude to everyone, especially Sister Sheila Walsh, Dr Jeffrey and Dr Rhonda Archer, director of Treasure's school.

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