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Tuesday, May 02, 2006
The police arrive late and get no results

Dear Editor,

It is sad to say the least that the crime situation in Guyana has taken a turn for the worse. The assassination of Minister Sawh has shown how ruthless and sinister these armed and organized criminals can be.

However, when a cabinet level offical is attacked and killed this sends a serious message to all Guyanese, that these criminals would stop at nothing unless they are stopped by something.

This attack has been added to the police's infamous list of "unsolved murders". It seems as though the police force are experts on collecting statements and shell casings after the crime has long been committed. What they do with those statements and shell casings remains a mystery since the perpetrators are not caught and the police remain clueless as to who they are.

On another pertinent note, the Commissioner of Police and the Minister of Home Affairs need to step-down and/or resign as soon as possible. Under commissioner Felix and Ms Teixeira, the force has continuously failed the Guyanese people and has emboldened criminals to do as they please.

We have a commissioner that is not upset when his force arrived over an hour after a gang of fifteen men massacred innocent people and a Minister of Home Affairs who is not tough enough and incapable of performing her duties effectively.

I hope President Bharrat Jagdeo reviews his top security officials and makes the needed changes to ensure that these types of heinous crimes do not occur again to any Government official, political activist and to any Guyanese.

Yours faithfully,

Kevin Stephen


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