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Set like a gem in the crown of South America, nestled on the North-Eastern shoulder, defying the raging Atlantic Ocean, Guyana's many waterways reflect the source of it's name "The Land of Many Waters"
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A Toronto lawyer is appealing to the Canadian government to show compassion to Guyanese refugee claimants here, saying that "law and order has collapsed in Guyana." Ishwar Sharma, of the law firm Sharma and Sharma, said last weekend's murder of three Canadian citizens, among them a popular Guyana government minister, was a clear indication that no one is safe in the country. Agriculture Minister Satyadeo Sawh, his brother Rajpat Rai and sister Pulmattie Persaud were all gunned down at the Minister's home on Saturday morning. "The crime situation in Guyana has deteriorated beyond the state's capability to protect even Ministers of Government," Sharma said in a letter to Canadian Minister of Immigration Monte Solberg. Recently, several Guyanese families have been accepted as convention refugees in Canada because of the crime situation in their homeland and the inability of the state to afford them protection. Just last week, Sharma himself successfully represented another such client. However, each claim is now being determined on a case-by-case basis, and there are a number of claimants who have been rejected. The lawyer, who is of Guyanese heritage, is now asking Canada to show wider compassion for Guyanese fleeing crime in their homeland by reconsidering these applications. "What we would like to see is Canada extending its reputation as a caring, compassionate and humanitarian nation by reaching out to Guyanese people at this desperate time," he said. "I strongly urge Canada to reconsider applications for refugee status here that have been refused. Clearly, the law and order situation in Guyana has collapsed and under the international convention for refugees, Canada has a responsibility to grant mercy to suffering Guyanese families and allow them refuge here."