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Friday, May 12, 2006
Kaieteur News boss sues C.N. Sharma, Channel 6

JUSTICE Jainarayan Singh, the trial judge in a libel case brought by Kaieteur News boss Glenn Lall, has granted an order nisi restraining CNS Channel 6, C.N. Sharma, Savitree Singh and Leroy Adolphus from publishing the same or other alleged libel against Lall.

The action filed by Lall, manager and owner of Kaieteur News, and issued by Attorney-at-law Mr. Moses Nagamootoo, stated that in March in a Channel 6 news bulletin, it was reported that Mr. Glenn Lall had gone to the United States and was refused entry.

The report also said that Guyanese were being refused entry to the United States because of their involvement in the drug trade between Guyana and that country.

In his affidavit applying for the injunction to stop the defendants from repeating the broadcast, Lall averred that there was a clear implication that he had travelled to the United States and was refused entry on the grounds that he was involved in the passage of illegal drugs between Guyana and that country.

An interim injunction was granted to the plaintiff.

Being the owner of the Kaieteur News, Lall he claims to have suffered great financial loss and that his reputation had been impaired.

Lall also stated in his affidavit that in the month in question he never left Guyana.

Lall is also claiming damages in excess of $5M for libel.

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