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Saturday, May 06, 2006

Latchman Sarar and his wife Rekha Sumar with their four-month-old son in front of what is left of their house after heavy winds knocked it down. (Photo by Shabna Ullah)

A family is now homeless after heavy winds accompanying rain levelled two houses at Bushlot, West Coast Berbice early yesterday morning.

Latchman Sarar ad their four-month-old son and managed to escape from the terrifying disaster with only a few minor injuries, though their house at the Bushlot New Housing Scheme was wrecked.

The couple was in bed with their infant son, Andy, when the winds came, a short while before daybreak. The roof was blown off. Two minutes later, there was another heavy wind and the gust knocked the one-story house off its pillars. The zinc sheets that were used for the roofing of the house were blown into the streets.

Sarar received cuts about his body from the broken glass, while Sumar was injured after she tried to shield her baby from the falling debris as the house crashed to the ground.

She said protecting the baby was her first instinct. Luckily, they were not asleep at the time of the incident, as she had gotten up about half an hour before the incident to feed the baby.

One of the rooms of Latchman Sarar's house spilt into his yard after heavy winds knocked down his house yesterday. (Photo by Shabna Ullah)

The injuries were not serious but the family is now hard-pressed to rebuild. Sarar is a labourer and finding work has been hard. He said there was only about $5,000 in the house and he needs assistance to begin reconstruction. They lost all their food in the house and some of the zinc sheets from the roof destroyed their garden.

Another house in the area was also levelled by the heavy winds. It was unoccupied. A similar incident occurred last May when Hemraj Roop-naraine's house was blown down. (Shabna Ullah)