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Heartened by poll showing strong support for the Alliance For Change

Wednesday, May 3rd 2006
Dear Editor,

To say that I am elated to read Kaieteur News report of a poll showing a 25% support for the Alliance For Change (AFC) would be a gross understatement. It gives me great joy to accept this simple fact that my countrymen are finally waking up from our long sleep. This year we will be celebrating our 40th Independence anniversary, so we are poised for a new beginning.

I hope and pray that by the time elections are held, the support for the AFC would have passed the 67% line so Guyana can really have a new start. If this were to happen, there would be many possibilities for our country. I will attempt to mention a few.

1. All racial groups will control the running of the state.

2. AFC would not have the burden to provide "jobs for the boys". All will be given a fair chance to perform. Keeping your job would most likely be based on performance rather than party loyalty.

3. Many competent Guyanese who are currently denied the opportunity to serve their country will have that honour again.

4. A breath of fresh air will permeate the land.

5. Racial unity will have a genuine opportunity to be realised.

6. Transformation of all arms and layers of Government would be possible.

7. With Guyanese genuinely working together and for each other, the possibilities for growth would be unprecedented in the history of our country.

We need the support of all our countrymen, if you really want to see a new beginning, lets start with change now. If it's true that life begins at 40, then now is the time for that change.

My best wishes to the AFC.

Yours faithfully,

Charles Sugrim

Kaieteur News