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Tuesday, May 16, 2006

by David Hinds

Judging from de statements emanating from de political leaders in Guyana, one can reasonably conclude dat dat country is, as de famous Guyanese saying goes, GONE FUH CHANNA. De politicians in the two tribal parties, PPP and PNC, are bent on taking Guyana to the grave. I know that you have heard this from me before. But if I were speculating then, I am certain now.

Mrs Jagan say de odder day dat a National unity guvament cant happen in Guyana now. She din say dis in plain words, but I tek it to mean not in her lifetime. She say she dont see de PPP an de PNC coming together now. Well she must know. When de leader of de PPP say it cant happen den one must tek dat to mean dat de PPP aint goin fight for it. She say de answer is dat de guvament dat go in must be broad minded. Maybe, I went to school in August month for I cant see how a guvament dat is not broad based can be broad minded. In any case I am not a mind analyzer, but I sure dont see de broadness of de PPP mind. Look de PPP mind stop being broad since 1955 when de movement split.

Hoyte has de same philosophy. He call de National Unity guvament it horse trading. I dont know which horse he talking bout because if he dont see dat Guyana is like an unstable horse, den according to the Calyposonian Watchman, he need some glasses.I dont know why dese learned people keep mixing up a National Unity guvament wid a Coalition. A Coalition guvament is a marriage of convenience. A national Unity guvament is a marriage of necessity. National necessity. Easy lesson good fuh dunce. I cant understand how a lil country wid two fathers, not one, cant wake up an be for real.

So me cousin, we gat fuh prepare fuh annoder daag fight election an annoder race base guvament. Is so de politicians want it. An it would seem dat is so many a de people want it. Is a big big mistake we meking though. An we going pay for it . God nah ah sleep. He is not a fool. He might play deaf an blind, but dat is only to give we time to do betta. De problem wid Guyana is dat we hard ears. Like stick bruck ah we hase. Guyana has a way of turning blessings into curses. God bless we wid Jagan and Burnham but we worship dem to de point where dey become bigger dan God. And it dont wuck so. Dats why God remove dem an leff we in a mass of confusion where we dont know from head to tail what we doing.

The two fathers of the nation have gone to the great beyond, but they have left their children screaming and fighting over the property. Dese two fathers mek no serious preparations fuh life on their estates after their death. So "is daag eat daag" or as my Uncle Ulric from Buxton would say "Shaak eat shaak". I always wanted to know what was in de wills dese two daddies leff, just to see what leff fuh who, an who leff fuh what. Only recently ah get de chance to get a peek inside dese documents.

To my surprise Burnham will was empty. Pappa Forbes wanted to tek everything wid he when he was leffing. He din want to leff anything for anybody. But he pass away so sudden, he din get de chance to mek de necessary arrangements. So de will was empty. Dats why everybody claiming dat de estate was leff fuh dem. Desmond is a lawyer , so he outsmart de rest. Poor Hammie, dey put he out de house because he start to fight up. However, he manage to carry a few boards and zinc sheets dat he used to broadside Hoyte an dem in the Mayoral elections.

So because Burnham din mek any will, de children aint leff fuh anybody in particular. Some in Georgetown run away wid Hammie. Hoyte hol on to some others, but he cant control dem. Many others just drifting. Dey want to be free, but nobody wont tek dem in.

Some ah dem tink WPA Clive Thomas is a good guardian, but Clive dont like nuff children in he house. De noise does bother he. In any case he sharing a house wid Roopnarine, Eusi and Bhagwan and dey dont seem to be able to mek up dey mind whether dey want one person in charge of de house or not. And de odder ting is dat most of Burnham children ant sure dat any of Papa Cheddi children goin get a chance to come over to live in dis multiracial house.

De reason is because Cheddi was a lil bit smarter dan Burnham. At least Cheddi mek a will, a simple one. He leff everyting fuh de modder of de nation. Guyana is de fuss an only nation dat have a mother dat aint born in de nation an dont look like de nation. Anodder fuss fuh Guyana. Hip! Hip! But Cheddi will everyting fuh her. Everyting. Even de stepchildren in de CIVIC. Sam is just de Executor, Mommy own de property. Not even Joey ant get nothing in de will. Some ah de big children dont like de fact dat mommy din born in Guyana and dat she dont look like dem, but Cheddi gag dem before he leff. So dey can talk. Long live de Comrade Leader!

Asgar meking heself pompus, saying dat he going carry way de Muslim children. But he wasting he time, because Cheddi put de spell pon he before he leff--TRAITOR. Asgar boy ask Balram Singh Rai an Moses Bhagwan an Chandisingh bout dat spell. Or ask Rupert Roopnarain bout de odder one--Misguided Indian. Dat chap Cheddi wasn't a three cents man yeh.

De Ishmael boy sey not to link Cheddi with de likes of Burnham, but boy you na know story. Dem two chap would vex wid you fuh saying so. Dey needed one another to be what dey became. You tek dat from me. Burnham frighten black people wid Jagan jumbie, an Jagan frighten Indian people wid Burnham jumbie. In de end Guyana become a jumbie country. Boy ,both a dem deform we, dat today none ah we can see pass we nose. Dats why Guyana gone fuh Channa.