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Friday, May 19, 2006

Govt. never engaged Roger Khan

— Luncheon

The government is denying any contacts with wanted man Shaheed ‘Roger' Khan either in the past or presently.

Cabinet Secretary Dr Roger Luncheon yesterday issued the blunt denial at his weekly post cabinet media briefing.

Luncheon shrugged off questions surrounding allegations made by Khan that he has played a role in curbing crime and that he is seen as someone who could prevent a violent overthrow of the government. Making the point that he is both the Secretary of the Defense Board and the Chairman of the Central Intelligence Committee, Luncheon said he had no direct knowledge nor has it ever been brought to his attention that Khan or Khan's colleagues were being engaged to help in the fight against crime.

Luncheon said it was only the security forces that have been consulted and engaged on the subject of national security.

Khan has said through newspaper advertisements, written statements and his lawyers that he used his own resources to assist in the fight against crime and that he is now being targeted.

He also claimed that he had meetings with US Embassy officials and even helped in the case of kidnapped diplomat Stephen Lesniak.

But these claims were swiftly denied by the U.S Embassy here in Georgetown .

Khan is challenging the police's issuance of a wanted bulletin for him.

His lawyers have maintained that should charges be proffered against him they will ensure that he appears in court.

These lawyers have also indicated that they intend to challenge the U.S law enforcement agencies on their issuance of an arrest warrant for their client and hope to cross examine potential witnesses.

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