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Thursday, May 04, 2006


The Guyana Indian Heritage Association (GIHA) will mark the 168th anniversary of the arrival of Indians to Guyana on May 5th with a Jahaji Outreach in a few of the outlying regions. Several businesses and individuals have made contributions to the project, which is targeted at providing aid and support to over 500 families who are in dire need. GIHA will supply hampers of foodstuff, household items, medical supplies and school material to the families on May 5th and 6th.

(GIHA will provide more details to the public after the project is completed.)

GIHA decided on the Jahaji Outreach to mark this year’s Indian Arrival Day because of the urgent need for this kind of support given the country’s economic state, and its outlook for the future. Additionally, there is also a shift in mood and focus as people across Guyana deal with the runaway crime of armed robberies and assaults and the rising number of unsolved murders. Very few are in a celebratory mood as they struggle to cope with poverty, lack of social services, poor policing and wanton criminality.

The 168th anniversary of the arrival of Indians to Guyana should provide the entire populace with the opportunity to reflect on our past actions, which have brought us all to our current political, social and economic state. There must be resolve on all our parts to do better if we are to turn the tide and ensure a bright future for Guyana.

Our foreparents left India for Guyana to seek a better life. They worked hard and fought injustices to build a good life for themselves and their children. This is their legacy to all of Guyana and we owe it to them to continue the struggle for social and economic improvements, for our cultural rights, and for the peace needed for future generations to prosper.

GIHA calls on all Guyanese, and on Indians especially on this auspicious day, to commit themselves to working for the good, and future prosperity of our country.

We wish to thank the many individuals who contributed to this Jahaji Outreach, and the local businesses who provided donations and special prices to GIHA. Among the items to be distributed are milk, split peas, soap powder, margarine, and school stationery. Vitamin supplements, and several walking sticks and frames will also be distributed to the elderly in these regions.

A follow-up report will be issued on the completion of the Jahaji Outreach.

Yours Sincerely

R. Singh