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— Predicts shake-up at polls

American political consultant Dick Morris is signaling that the Alliance for Change intends to run an exit poll on Elections Day so as to prevent the tampering of elections results.

He has described the exit poll system as an extensive and expensive system designed to get polling day results within five minutes of the poll's closure.

He said exit polls have worked in countries where there were questions about the system where corrupt governments and dictatorships thrive.

The political consultant made this disclosure yesterday during a media briefing where he tipped Presidential Candidate and Chairman of the Alliance for Change, Raphael Trotman as a good candidate in the race for Presidency.

Morris indicated that the party will impact on the upcoming polls as voters have indicated their willingness to stop race voting.

“I am almost certain that the AFC is in with a good chance of not only making it into parliament but will tip the balance of power,” Morris indicated.

Morris said his predictions of a possible victory for the party are based on a recent poll which surveyed 1,063 Guyanese last month.

The polls show that if elections were held now, President Bharrat Jagdeo would gain 40% of the votes, PNC/R Leader; Robert Corbin would garner 36% and Trotman, 21 % with the other leaders gathering 3% of the votes.

Lamenting Trotman's performance at the polls, the veteran political consultant showed Trotman receiving favorable responses.

The poll indicated that among the Afro-Guyanese, Trotman ranks second to Corbin and among the Indo-Guyanese, Trotman ranks second to President Jagdeo.

The AFC, he said, intends to “burn the race card” because according to the survey, voters want to see the end of a winner take all system where it is believed that if one party wins, one ethnic group suffers. He added that voters are seeking an ethnically diverse party.

“ Guyana is the only country in the world where the people live, work and get along quite alright but the politicians are racially polarized; there are no battle zones here,” Morris observed.

Since the AFC presents a diverse group of representatives, Morris said voters view the party as the alternative.

He indicated that from the poll, 50% of Indo-Guyanese voters said, “There is too much corruption in the PPP” while 37% of Afro-Guyanese voters said, “The PNC has not really changed since the days of repression and has not learned its lesson.”

He asserted that it is almost certain that the indigenous population will vote AFC but could not base this on any scientific findings since those indigenous people interviewed were too few to produce a proper statistical analysis.

Morris also brings with him, prominent media consultant Frank Baarf, and Political Advisor Luis Rosales.

A former campaign manager of US President Bill Clinton, Morris worked with Mexico 's President Vincente Fox and also in the United Kingdom , Argentina and Japan .

Morris has been touted as a political author and commentator who was once a successful pollster and campaign consultant.

Morris is best known for managing Bill Clinton's successful 1996 bid for re-election to the office of President of the United States .

He now writes a weekly column for the New York Post and appears regularly on the Fox News Channel.

Morris attracts a high price globally but said he has opted to volunteer his service to the AFC.

He indicated that Rosales convinced him to take the job.

Morris added that he does not support a losing candidate although his predictions are sometimes off target.

Rosales and Trotman are not strangers to each other. They both attended the Tostes University 's Fletcher in Boston , USA .

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