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FOR PEACE: Mr. Khemraj Ramjattan of the Alliance For Change party signs the Code of Conduct and Peace Pact at the ceremony Tuesday.

THE girls and boys whose voices were heard at the signing ceremony of the Code of Conduct and Peace Pact by political parties at Parliament Buildings on Tuesday were drawn from a cross-section of Georgetown schools and Plaisance.

Facilitated by UNICEF, the children were the authors of their own contributions.

Below is the text of the messages for peace delivered by the children and the Peace Pledge which they read at the end of the ceremony and which the gathering repeated after them.

(First set of voices in programme)
We the children of Guyana would like to see our nation live as One People, One Nation, One Destiny. We would like to see a peaceful Guyana. (Together)

Peace means no violence. It means to bring joy and happiness and, when this happens, war will end. (Seven years)

We would like to live in a country with no crime. (11 years)

And see transparency and accountability in everything you do. (11 years)

We would like equal educational opportunity for all children in Guyana. (14 years)

And better health care for all. (11 years)

We would like you to respect the children’s wishes to live in a safe community. (12 years)

(Second set of voices)
We the children of Guyana want our political leaders (together) to be tolerant of each other’s views and not see the other person as the enemy. (14 years)

To refrain from using words and phrases that can lead to hatred, violence and chaos. (13 years)

To observe the rule of law and honour all agreements made here today. (13 years)

To conduct the political campaign and debates in a manner that is free from fear and intimidation. (12 years)

We need to feel a sense of security and harmony if we are to become the leaders of tomorrow. (14 years)

You are our role models - let us be proud of you. (12 years)

(Third set of voices)
We the children of Guyana think that peace is the most important virtue in the world. (Together)

Peace keeps families, schools and nations together. (Seven years)

Without peace there would be no love. (Seven years)

The trouble in this world, the crime and all the wars would be gone completely, if there was only peace. (12 years)

Peace has to come from within, but many people don’t know the real meaning of peace. (12 years)

You are our leaders, and, by your actions you can spread good thoughts among our communities. (13 years)

Help our people to strive for peace within their hearts and bit by bit that peace will surround our country. (Together)

We pledge to one another and to the Guyanese people to uphold and defend the Constitution of Guyana, to honour our National Pledge, to talk and act in peace with fellow Guyanese, to work hard to promote harmony and peace among members and supporters of all political parties, to help eliminate all forms of violence, and to encourage and demonstrate love, forgiveness and protection especially for children under stress as we strive to develop our native land.

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