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Dear Editor,

I think the PPP/C (need I mention the PNCR?) has its work cut out for the upcoming election now that the Alliance For Change (AFC) has retained the services of former Clinton Administration P.R guru Dick Morris to engineer the AFC's bid for power in Guyana. In short, the AFC could upset the political status quo in 2006.

This is by no means a foregone conclusion, because no one knows whether Guyanese are truly fed-up enough to want change, or are too set in their traditions to believe change is possible.

Mr. Morris, a known political strategist in American political circles, is credited with helping Clinton become President and then maintaining a fairly good favourability rating in the public's view for the next eight years.

If Clinton was a people-President, credit is due in part to Mr. Morris. If Clinton was a successful President, credit is due in part to Mr. Morris.

If Clinton seemed like a hands-on and on-top-of-the-game President, it was because of Mr. Morris. He was that good!

He was that good! In fact, so good that his critics even accused him of conducting a daily poll of the people to help his boss know what the day's clichés and sound bytes should be.

His only negative was when he was forced to resign after some information on his personal conduct became public, but that never stopped him from sharing his much-read insight into current issues.

He is now a columnist whose views are still well-regarded by many, and is the first man to have predicted that Condi Rice would beat Hillary Clinton, should the two vie for the US presidency in 2008.

Mr. Morris, though operating on short notice from the AFC, will bring a much needed boost to the seemingly quiet AFC which, according to the last poll, is pulling in at least 25% of the support that would otherwise go to the other two major parties.

Emile Mervin

Kaieteur News