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Another Child Sodomy/Murder Case Shocks T&T

Hardbeatnews, PORT-OF-SPAIN, Trinidad, Weds. May 17, 2006: The sodomy, rape and murder of a four-year-old child has again stunned the twin-island republic and left many already relating the case to the murder of 6-year-old Sean Luke in March.

Police say Emily Anna Montodo was found dead at St. Madeline Road, Marabella Monday night. An autopsy revealed she died from multiple blunt force trauma and was also raped and sodomized before she died. Lit cigarettes also were used to burn her entire body, except her face.

Police also believe that Amy may have been sexually assaulted for some time. She was taken from her grandmother last year and placed in a home and was subsequently turned over to her mother.

Cops say they are building a murder case against a woman, who is almost 19 and a man in his 40’s.

Just last month, tiny Sean was found sodomized to death in a canefield. Two teenage boys are in custody for his murder.

In March T&T criminologist professor Ramesh Deosaran agreed with Child Rights Activist Gregory Sloane Seale that a registry of convicted sexual offenders must be established. The Sexual Offences Act, which provides for the setting up of such a registry has been passed since 2000, yet no list has ever been established. –