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Friday, May 05, 2006

Oasis Girl

This week we are pleased to present the exotically beautiful, Annisaw Calvan who works at the Oasis Café on Carmichael Street. We asked this beautiful 19-year-old what is it that she does at her job, and her response was just about anything; from serving customers to working the cashier’s till.

“I can do everything except bake or cook anything,” Annisaw told Weekend Confidential.

Annisaw has simple, undemanding tastes in the things which she likes.

“I like going to parties,” she said, “hanging out with my friends, reading, surfing the net. I like meeting interesting people, and swimming.” She also likes cricket.

Annisaw told us that she listens to any type of but prefers music, reggae, soul and hip hop before all others. The way we saw her rocking her head a few weeks ago at the Brutus concert at Club Sky 7 makes us think the she forgot rock however.

She says that her favourite books are suspense novels.

“My life doesn’t involve suspense however,” she told WC, “What you see is what you get. I am a very friendly person and easy to talk to.”

We asked Annisaw where it is exactly that she got her exotic looks and she replied that she has Indian, Amerindian, African, and European genes….everything except Chinese. Notwithstanding that last omission of her fore parents, we would like to vote Annisaw the poster girl for Arrival Day.

In the next couple of years, Annisaw sees herself maybe in another country, furthering her education. She says that she is into computers and most likely that will be her field of study.

The important part you guys must have been waiting for though, is to find out whether Annisaw Calvan is single or not…and she is. She says that she’s has been recovering from a broken heart, and months of crying, and although she has gone out with the occasional male friend, she hasn’t been focusing on getting into anything serious.

She has her ideas about what she is looking for in that special someone. He must be intelligent, must have a good personality, he must like me for who I am, and I prefer him to be honest with me all the time.

Her idea of a good date is a nice dinner, in a nice quiet restaurant, where you can just sit and enjoy the moment.

“Dinner, candles and the whole romantic story,” Annisaw giggled, “Maybe I should look for a chef.”

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