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Saturday, April 01, 2006
What Bajuns really think...
Opposition Leader: Dont be bitten by the World Cup bug

Web Posted - Wed Mar 29 2006

OPPOSITION Leader David Thompson has warned the public not to get bitten by the Cricket World Cup bug.

Mr. Thompson made this comment on Sunday night at a zone rally held at Cuthbert Moore Primary in St. George.

"We won't let the same thing that happened with CARIFESTA [in 1981] happen in relation to Cricket World Cup (CWC)...We won't allow them to blow money for the expenditure of CWC and then Barbados finds itself in the hands of the International Monetary Fund (IMF) or facing some other major financial crisis," said Mr. Thompson.

On the issue of CWC, St. Lucy MP Denis Kellman questioned what would be the benefits to vendors and taxi drivers, since those visitors who will be coming by cruise ship will not need to take a taxi to Kensington Oval or buy from vendors if cruise ships are all inclusive. He also questioned the ticket prices for the 2007 event.

In his contribution, Mr. Kellman also asked why Guyanese were encouraged to come to Barbados, a country that "can't even supply enough water for its citizens".

"There is nothing wrong with Guyanese visiting Barbados as tourists. There is nothing wrong with Guyanese coming to Barbados when you've got jobs for them, but there are too many resources in Guyana for Guyanese to be leaving their country and leaving their resources for Brazilians. They are leaving all their resources for South Americans, when Barbados hardly has resources," he said.

According to the St. Lucy MP: "...What is going on in the Caribbean with the Guyanese is wrong. No one should be inviting the Guyanese to come to Barbados... They should have been pumping resources into Guyana to tap the resources that they have in Guyana to help the other people in the Caribbean and the ... Guyanese that are in Barbados... should be in Guyana working to pump the resources in Guyana to develop the Caribbean."

In his contribution, St. Philip North MP Michael Lashley questioned how Minister of Housing and Lands Reginald Farley would be able to bring 800 homes, if the former Minister could not bring seven houses in a month.

Mr. Lashley said the public wants to know the names of the contractors and when and where the units will be built.

He also said there is also a need to know what will be put in place to control the price of land in Barbados and what policy will be put in place for housing the disabled community and if units will be made accessible for the disabled.

Both Ronald Jones and Mr. Thompson expressed dissatisfaction at the personal attacks meted out to the DLP during last week's Estimates Debate. Jones said he was "truly bothered by the kind of behaviour" that took place in Parliament, saying that it was not a good example to the youth.

He also contended that the country was "waiting to exhale... to breathe and inhale decency and honesty and pride and respect... If we can't have those attributes, what is the purpose?" he asked passionately.