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Wednesday, April 05, 2006
The vast majority of Caribbean people are naive
LETTER TO THE EDITOR (Caribbean Net News)

Wednesday, April 5, 2006

Dear Sir:

In reference to Caribbean nurses and teachers being exploited in the United Kingdom, I can speak for English-speaking Caribbean people. The vast majority of us are naive and still don't understand the British, Canadian and American racist capitalist system of labour.

It is obvious that these newly educated migrant workers will be exploited by their European employers. They were not imported to work as equals to the British majority white nurses and teachers, even though they might be par or even have superior intellect to their white British co-workers.

The bottom line is simple. The British government wants cheap labour from new immigrants who are highly skilled professionals.

Being part of a Caribbean educated class does not mean that the British people will accept these nurses and teachers as equal human beings. The same thing exists in Canada.

The purpose of importing migrant workers in those rich industrialized nation, is to save labour cost. Non white people are always targeted, whenever there are vacancies for jobs that the citizens of these rich countries don't want to fulfill, their governments always recruit foreign workers as in the case of our nurses and teachers, who are crying the same old misery against white supremacy.

In order for western Europeans and North Americans to control the world, its people and resources, it is very important for them to educate and re-educate their colonized subjects, as in the case of these migrants Caribbean professional nurses and teachers whom the British want to re-educate.

White supremacy is not all about the KKK lynching a black person anymore. Today's racists are very much smarter than the fore-parents. They prefer to control our minds rather than killing us because they need our productive values to enhance their capitalist greed for more money and profit.

Presently, lots of Caribbean people like me are experiencing some job barriers in Canada. It does not matter how long we are living in Toronto or any other Canadian city, or even if we were born Canadians, the treatment will be the same.

The injustice that is happening to our nurses and teachers in the British work place should be an eye-opener for the next generation of Caribbean skilled workers, so that they will not abandon their society, job and people for the bigger capitalist dollar and pound money.

They must remember the old saying that says: "All that glitters is not gold."

I recommend all Caribbean literate people to read Marxist theory, in order for them to understand the greedy world we are living in.

Hudson George
Toronto, Canada