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The restored building (TUF photo)

Last Thursday, Unity House, headquarters of The United Force (TUF) was rededicated in a ceremony held at its New Garden Street location.

At the ceremony, remarks were made by Manzoor Nadir, Member of Parliament and leader of the party, Michael Abraham, deputy leader, Ismail Muhammad, chairman, Errol Van Nooten, vice-chairman, Dennis Lee, treasurer and project chairman and others. The feature address was delivered by Ganga Singh of Trinidad's United National Congress.

Lee, master of ceremonies at the event, said renovations to the historic building, which started just two weeks before, had been long in coming. He praised executive member and manager of the renovation programme Ron Persaud as a master mobiliser "with seemingly limitless energy" and contractor Colin Thompson's skill in restoring the building.

Lee also said the resident executive housing was dismantled and the annex renovated for more comfortable accommodation. Unity House's secretariat has also been equipped with modern technology and satellite internet access along with fashionable furnishings.

Abraham recounted the history of the party; from its founding by Peter Stanislaus D'Aguiar in 1960, to the seven seats gained in the general elections of 1964 and the contesting of three general elections, since then, under the leadership of Nadir.

He declared that this was no time for political acrimony and the TUF sees it as a time for "stretching forth of the healing hand across the political chasm. We must grasp this opportunity with both hands and do so quickly if we are to get on top of this frightening crime situation. The security of our 40 years of Independence is right now under grave threat even as we speak".

Former chairpersons of the party include Hari Prashad, the late Dr Makepeace Richmond, attorney-at-law Fielden Singh, Elinor Da Silva, Dorothy Humphrey, Agnes Mew and Fred Fredricks.

A song by Dawn Edwards and an Amerindian song, sung by an Amerindian group along with a dance performed by the Classique Dance troupe complemented the ceremony. Williams sung the party's battle song and Maria Nadir, wife of the leader of the party, cut the ribbon to mark the re-commissioning.

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