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Saturday, April 29, 2006

Interview by the Guyana Media Critic.

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Ulex Atwell is a name that has become familiar to most Guyanese. In our humble estimation Ulex is the epitome of a 'classic beauty', sort of like Dorothy Danridge meets Julia Roberts.

The soon-to-be 24 year old has a devilishly wicked combination of irresistible flair and irrepressible elegance causing her to always be in the top bracket of the many pageants she has been involved with over recent years. If your eyes have not yet been blessed in the flesh you might get a chance this, or any other Sunday, at the Georgetown seawall. It is where she tends to be, a signal that she is simple girl at the soul perhaps causing her to struggle to cope with the ravishing beauty which meets the galvanized public eye.

You’ll see her sporting some snazzy outfit, probably plucked from the rack of a local designer, with whom she continues to work closely. Be warned though, once she dishes out the zing in that generally warm country smile and winks those seduction-laced eyes you’ll be hooked.

Wipe away the drool and move along you desperate bastard, she revealed that she’s firmly hitched and is dying to say ‘yes' officially but - get this! - the fool won’t present the bling bling! It's known that things are bad in Guyana boss but for heaven's sake do something, anything! Take a loan, rob a cambio, become a hitman for hire, do whatever you must! Desperate times demand desperate actions. If caught, Justice Claudette La Bennett will surely be lenient.

If you do not want to stoop with the rock, you should move aside, there are legions of men with knee pads on who won't mind doing some business with Mr. King.

On one knee, but with little favourable result, I caught up with the dazzling dame recently and force fed her 22 questions. 21 of the 22 questions, with complete answers are presented below for your enlightenment. For the record, the 22nd was purely personal and totally embarrassing.

Guyana Media Critic: You came second runner up in Miss Guyana World 2001 and first runner up in 2005. You also came first runner up in Miss Guyana Universe 2002. Is one of those or all put together the highlight of your pageant career?
Ulex Atwell
: They are the highlights of my pageant career, although I didn’t win, each one of those was a learning experience. They have helped in my transformation from an introvert to an outgoing, friendly, confident person.

GMC: Have you experienced anything else in life that supersedes the thrill of participating and excelling in pageants?
: For me, pageantry is a hobby… I love competing and I love the glamour that comes with pageantry but graduating a doctor with honors supersedes the thrill of any pageant I’ve been in. That goal I long for and presently I’m working towards.

GMC: Which pageant was the most competitive?
: The most competitive was the miss Caraibes Hibiscus (Caribbean Hibiscus). This was a pageant I did in December 2004 in St Martin.

GMC: Which pageant was simply the most fun and enjoyable one for you?
: The most competitive and enjoyable at the same time was, the Miss Caraibes Hibiscus… I spent two incredible weeks touring St Maarten and networking with 19 young, smart and competitive young ladies like myself. I am very thankful for being chosen by Simpli Royal to represent my country and also it was wonderful being placed 2nd runner up. I was a little disappointed at first but our Guyanese contingent living in St Maarten were very pleased and amazed; and that joy they gave to me I can never explain in words. It was the first time our country had placed at one of the major pageants in the world. The 1st runner up of Miss Universe 2005 and Miss France 2005 along with very important people from around the world judged that pageant. Miss Peru won and Miss Colombia was placed 1st runner up, so for me being the only English girl chosen is something I’m very proud of.

GMC: Was winning Miss Talented Teen comparable with your performance in the Miss World and Miss Universe pageants?
: Talented Teen doesn’t compare, that was my very first pageant, first time learning pageant politics, learning the dos and don’ts, facing a huge Cultural Centre crowd (and that is a crowd that once you handle them, you can definitely go outside and represent) that is very tough on some girls (smile). Talented Teen was a lot more work compared to any of the other local pageants, I believe that Simpli Royal truly tries to groom young ladies and present them flawlessly to society and not just think about the event as a money making arena. I am very happy I chose to start my pageant career with Miss Guyana Talented Teen, that experience has helped me through the rest of pageants I competed in afterwards.

GMC: Do you think there is one reason that caused you to not go on to take the crown? Or are there different reasons in the different pageants?
: For each pageant it must be a different reason, I’m glad if I knew what the reasons are. But I wish the judges we choose would be experienced enough and people who would select a girl who can truly ‘represent’, and also, think about our country and the seriousness; and not take instructions from the Franchise holder as to who he prefers to win.

GMC: Are you disappointed or philosophical about not winning the Miss Guyana World or Miss Guyana Universe titles?
: Disappointed, but at the same time I’m very even tempered and I guess that has helped me to handle disappointments really well.

GMC: Have you come to the end of your pageant career or will you be giving it another shot in future?
: I just might!

GMC: You've done a lot of modeling on the local scene for all the top local designers, is modeling something you'd like to pursue as a fulltime career? Or are you still focused on becoming a doctor?
: I’m definitely focusing on being a Doctor in the near future, I’ll teach young aspiring models in the mean time, and my two daughters (when they come by God’s mercy).

GMC: What area of medicine do you prefer and why?
: I like physiotherapy, that’s the area I want to work in.

GMC: What do you think is your greatest asset as a model?
: My inner beauty is very important to me so I nourish and develop that and try keep it always intact.

GMC: You're from Lima on the Essequibo Coast. When was the last time you went back?
: I went back Last August, we usually go back during the August holidays.

GMC: Do you go back to Lima often? Do you still have any attachments there or are you now a full-blooded city girl?
: I have my roots there; we still have a house and farmlands in Essequibo… Full-blooded city girl-never!

GMC: What are your fondest memories of your childhood in Lima?
: My most beautiful memories as a little girl are from visits to Essequibo because I was only born there. My mom actually went back to Essequibo just to give birth. They were already living in Georgetown. I can remember learning how to throw cast nets and rod fishing all day, or going to the back dam, and being scared to death by my first experience of ‘Bat Cow’…and spending almost the entire day in a whitey tree. It’s a totally different life compared to the city and that’s what I love about the place. Gosh, I have so many memories of life in Essequibo. I love them all!

GMC: You're doing a degree in Medical Technology at UG, how is that going?
: That’s going very well. I’m almost done with this semester. Up to last semester I was in line for a credit but I have been working harder and studying a lot more so I pray I get the distinction I deserve.

GMC: How is your song writing coming along? Any Grammy hits in the making?
: (Laughs out loud) Not as yet, I did music with my dad, its his songs I was helping him to write, none for me. I’ll stick to the studying for now.

GMC: What's life like on the personal relationship front? Plans to get married soon?
: I have a boyfriend whom I love very much. He is an incredible person he asked me to marry him (no ring as yet) but I have decided I am ready-whenever he is! (Smile).

GMC: You seem to have a passion for literacy was that just for pageantry purposes or are you still involved with that?
: I am very much involved in literacy, I volunteer once a week at the children’s convalescent home in the areas of teaching how to read and childcare. For me, knowing how to read and write is a building block of life itself, being literate is a requirement just like food and safety. I understand how important it is to have literate children, it means automatically we’ll have literate people and a literate country, I believe all this help in our country’s development.

GMC: Who is the one person who you would say has been most instrumental in your life?
: That’s a hard question because for me, there are a number of people who have been my role models and who have also been instrumental in molding and shaping me. Like my parents for instance, they are my foundation; they’ve taught me ethics and moralities, which have always helped to keep me on the right track. My older sister, I’ve always admired her for her persistence and perseverance and her close connection with positivity- she became a lawyer at the tender age of 23 and to me that is an accomplishment for her and my family and that helps me to stay focused on my goal of being a doctor.

My best friend Pam Dillon, she’s always been there for me through whatever phase my life took and (I don’t think she knows this) but I believe that she is wonderful being and I love her attitude towards life and people.

My Church, it has had a great and amazing influence on my life in a time when I was not doing so well, spiritually and emotionally. I was on an emotional roller coaster, my hardest time ever, a time when my faith was failing. I found myself reading a book I always had, Black Pearls by Eric Copage this has helped me to take my troubles to my heavenly father and rely on him for faith and strength. I’m happy with my relationship today with God and life, and the people who have been positively influencing me.

GMC: What was the most challenging period of your life and how did you get over it?
: It was a sad time for me, I’ve grown from it, still not ready to talk about it though.

GMC: In 2016 will you be Dr. Ulex, married with kids or will you be Ulex, the accomplished model, in a skimpy Versace dress on a Paris catwalk?
: I’ll definitely be Dr Ulex Atwell married with kids, maybe 2 or 10!