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The United Force has complained to the Guyana Elections Commission (GECOM) over the distribution of the preliminary voters' list, saying that it has not received a hard copy version.

In a statement issued yesterday, the party noted that political parties, especially those in Parliament, have been provided with the list during the last four decades of elections. In this respect, the party criticised Chief Election Officer Gocool Boodoo, saying that when GECOM Chairman Dr Steve Surujbally asked him, he claimed he could not remember.

The TUF said after several attempts, it finally received an electronic copy of the list late on Friday. It added that both the Chairman and the CEO said they would look at costs associated with providing a hard copy.

The TUF noted that the government had said costs should not be an issue. Additionally, it noted that only recently the government had provided $7M to GECOM to acquire 20 computers. It said providing each party with a hard copy of the list would cost under $6M.

TUF leader Manzoor Nadir told Stabroek News that printing the list, which was around 13,000 pages, was simply too much for small parties that don't have a lot of money.

The lists are distributed to party activists for Claims and Objections.

But the TUF said it was upset that GECOM was treating the elections as a matter exclusive only to the PNCR and the PPP/C (it noted its concern at the nonchalant manner it is treated by the GECOM Secretariat). It said only these two parties have scrutineers who are paid by GECOM and the taking away of equal treatment from all parties is unfair. As a result, it called for equal treatment of contesting parties.

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