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Thursday, April 27, 2006
EIGHTEEN persons were arrested yesterday during Joint Services patrols in Buxton, while a sizeable Joint Services camp has been established in the troubled East Coast Demerara village.

The information about the arrests was given by a high ranking Police Force officer on the scene, during a media visit to the encampment, arranged by the Guyana Defence Force.

The officer would not specify the reason or reasons for the arrests, except to confirm the assertion by GDF spokesman, Lt. Col. Claude Fraser that they were made during the Joint Services operation under way in the village.

Fraser said the encampment began Monday.

Located at the southernmost extremity of the village, the camp occupies a large, mostly vacant, plot of land bordered by Company Path and Church of God Road. The encampment is surrounded by mostly vacant shacks and smaller houses and boasts several large tents, portable toilets and several support vehicles, including an ambulance.

The Army spokesman explained that the operation was jointly headed by a GDF Major and a Police Superintendent. Patrols operate out of the base 24-hours-a-day and after each patrol the participating ranks would be debriefed. He explained that the base encampment can rapidly deploy ranks to any potential incident either within the village or along the East Coast.

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