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Sunday, April 02, 2006
Taxi driver found shot to death
Stabroek News
Desmond Bentick

The bullet-riddled body of a 23-year-old taxi driver was found in 'B' Field Sophia early yesterday morning.

Bentick, of 64 William Street Kitty was last seen by his mother and other relatives on Friday afternoon as he left for work. He drove a private hire car - an AT 192 Carina registered in the PJJ series - which is now missing. According to the police, his body was found around 5.30 am.

Mother of the dead man, Margaret Andrews, told Stabroek News yesterday that based on information she had received from various sources her son might have been kidnapped and the car he was driving at the time stolen. There had been no word on the vehicle, she said.

Andrews described her son as easy going, but in response to whether he had experienced problems with anyone, said that he had had run-ins with unsavoury characters, some of whom he knew. She said these men were known to have committed offences in French Guiana, and that one group had at one time disclosed their plans to Bentick, with a view to getting him to join them by providing a getaway vehicle. According to the woman, her son had told the men that he did not want to be a part of their plans and for this they had threatened him. She said that another person in recent months had pulled a gun on Bentick for an incident over a car that he used to drive.

Andrews described to this newspaper how early yesterday morning ranks of the Guyana Police Force had visited her home and asked when she last had seen her son. She told them that this was on Friday afternoon. It was only after they had accompanied her to the Kitty Police Station, and she had described what Bentick had been wearing when she last saw him, that the ranks then mentioned that a body had been found that morning in Sophia. She said that afterwards she went to the Newburg Funeral Parlour and identified the body as that of her son.

The police in a press release yesterday asked that anyone with information on how the man died could make contact with them on telephone numbers 225 6411, 226 6978, 225 8196, 225 6941, 227 2128, 226 1389 or 226 7065.