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Set like a gem in the crown of South America, nestled on the North-Eastern shoulder, defying the raging Atlantic Ocean, Guyana's many waterways reflect the source of it's name "The Land of Many Waters"
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Tuesday, April 04, 2006
Response #3

Discussions on topics, which are based on Religion, Race, Ethnicity, and Class, always seem to bring out the worst in humankind. I was simply trying to point out that the four well-known international financial institutions represented neo-colonialism and is the most destructive element in the continued retardation of growth and development among the underdeveloped nations on earth.

The discussion should have featured ways and means Guyana most adopt to move from a consumer nation to an industrialized nation. I simply asked questions to ascertain the knowledge people have of the contributions of foreign investments on the social and moral ills of the Guyanese society, in recent times. Moreover, What course of actions must the people and the state of Guyana choose to eradicate all the problems facing the nation?

Personally, I stand on the position of a nation of and for Africans in the Guyanese experience without peoples of Indian origins. it is popularly referred to as partition. I stand on the ground that an Independent nation for the descendants of indentured labourers of Indian origins, wherever, the location, must be established shortly. In the meanwhile, the people of Guyana need to exist in as humane and developed as society as is humanly possible, this very day.

Those are my contentions.

Sancho of Nabaclis