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Set like a gem in the crown of South America, nestled on the North-Eastern shoulder, defying the raging Atlantic Ocean, Guyana's many waterways reflect the source of it's name "The Land of Many Waters"
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Tuesday, April 04, 2006
Response #2

The Core problem facing the country Is the PNC party, not knowing when it is time to understand true Democracy, not Burnham type of ballot Rigging,and of the opinion one should Govern for Life,

This is the Black man way of thinking, open your eyes and look towards Africa, and also keep an eye on Trinidad the same thing is happening there today,by a Black Government.

Trinidad have resources which the world needs presently,but the the present Government, squandering the Revenue, I was there only a few weeks ago.this was just one example of Black Government.

Why can't third world countries draw the good examples from the developed countries,as you rightly mentioned by observation,in stead of the bad observations.

It is not through The lack of education, as you wrongly said.

Before Forbes Burnham came into politics,Guyana has the BEST educated Population in the Whole of the West Indies Fact.

The Country would have progressed in a very orderly manner, if he had not became a Stooge for the CIA, and to Install him self as Black Messiah.

The decline of Guyana,truly started in 1968,when the Guyanese people, of all races could on longer tolerate the decline of their living standards,which continued for 28 years,and observing there hard earn cash, became Monopoly Money.from 480

Pence to the British Pound (£)to340 dollars presently

The banning of most food items, that Guyanese was accustomed to,He and he alone (Burnham)is responsible for,the poor state of the country, As you so wrongly said.

True Racial incitement was introduced by Forbes Burnham, he is the Creater,I will give you just one of many examples, just one word WISMER.

It was not of ignorance as you so very Mildly put it Sir, it was a Deliberate Ploy, oh you are so mellow Dramatic, be real and Factual.

I would say quite clearly and honestly Iam not a Racialist, I am just expressing my personal experience over the years, It is

an attitude problem that Black People has,if they want to Progress like all other Races, they must abandon the ATTITUDE

I disagree most Profoundly, with your comparison, of Guyana to Haiti, I do not know how far and wide you have Traveled in Guyana, the borders of Guyana, does not only starts from Georgetown,and Finishes at Buxton, it goes beyond.

I will agree with you that there is one such Area in Guyana That bears Resemblances, very much so as Haiti that is BUXTON, with the very same ingredients.

How can one provide employment for a work force that do not want to do the type of work offered to them, in their own Country, but gladly do the same menial job in the Developed countries.

You must travel some time to the UK to form your own Opinion, in two different Ares, where two different races of Migrant Resides, and make your own comparison,ie: Brixton and Southhall,and see the diffrence between the two Races.

So I am sorry to say, I do not agree with most of your point of view.

A. Samad