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Friday, April 21, 2006

Kaieteur News


“Discredited figures from the country's political past”, is how a US State Department spokesman described former Sandinista leader, Daniel Ortega.

This statement was made directly to the Nicaraguan people to reject figures like Mr. Ortega and his party, the Sandinista, in the November presidential


To follow this up on the ground, on Monday, the US Ambassador in Managua , Paul Trivelli, held talks with the country's main right-wing parties to discuss the possibility of their forming an alliance to oppose the Sandinista.

If the position of the US State Department is to be a public advocate for certain political groups, and to insert itself overtly in the internal political affairs of sovereign nations, they should make a similar call to the people of Guyana.

I therefore call on the US Ambassador in Georgetown and his colleagues at the State Department to be consistent, and call on the Guyanese people to reject the PNC and its leaders in the upcoming elections.

The PNC's political past is well known to the State Department: 28 years of brutal dictatorship, rape of a nation, corruption, open racial discrimination and economic bankruptcy.

In comparison, Sandinista, despite its socialist leanings and justifiable opposition to the US , was never a despotic regime. This was a popular revolutionary movement, whose leaders led an honourable struggle against the Somoza dictatorship.

Mr. Ortega and other Sandinista leaders accepted the wishes of the Nicaragua electorate, and demitted office after losing that country's election. This organisation never sought to impose itself on the Nicaraguan people, by violent means.

All stakeholders in the region, especially the US , are aware of how the stranglehold of the PNC and its leaders continue to choke at the neck of the nation to date.

Their commitment to making the country ungovernable through violence has persisted since being booted out of office.

As we are preparing for the fourth free and fair national elections in Guyana 's political history, we are again having to witness the familiar PNC bad-john behaviour; even their appointed commissioners to GECOM have been reported to have threatened violence.

If this new approach in US foreign policy is to be seen as having any credibility, the US Ambassador has an obligation to issue a similar call to the Guyanese people; to reject those discredited figures in our country's political history and further to encourage the other political parties to form an alliance to oppose the discredited PNC.

Fuad Rahaman